Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PUT the Spray Paint Can DOWN...

and step away!


I think I have a problem!


I've been reading a lot of DIY goodness this summer & it has gotten me so excited about SPRAY PAINT! It is SUCH a quick & CHEAP way to get a BIG WOW out of your project!

My crazed painting spree has found me out in the yard in my jammies even...I'm sure the neighbors have been laughing!! I can point a finger at these folks...the temptation to craft is just overwhelming after visiting Just a Girl, The Nester, Pretty Organized Palace, 320 Sycamore, & Centsationalgirl...(but, don't go there unless you want carpal tunnel in your wrist from holding a spray paint can...)

I've already tried my hand on that old little table.

and those blue chairs...

and NOW, I opened a new can this old DESK!
I recently saw where Jenn did a make-over with some older furniture for her daughter's it not TDF!!! I love this!

This is another piece of inherited furniture, it's OLD & not really great quality...very cute, but the paint job was total Brady Bunch! Miss O has used it in her room for awhile now because it is similar in style to the new bedroom furniture that she has. I have been spiffing up her room a bit this week & after moving all the furniture around, we decided that this old desk really could use some POP! ;)

I wasn't sure about the hardware, so I left it as it that it's upstairs in her room....ah, I'm in LOVE! ;)

Ok, so here's where I need your help.

This CHAIR is not cutting it. I thought I would leave it the original color & they would go together ok...but, alas...the chair is in a funk now that it's partner is all spiffed up!

I'm going to recover the seat with Euro Bandana fabric (laying in the chair).

I went ahead & ordered several more yards of this fabric & plan to make shams & a duvet cover for her bed (since that Littlest Petshop comforter has ALREADY started to decline...yes, after just ONE wash...tisk, tisk).

So, what about that chair...if I'm covering the seat all bright & pretty...should I paint it BLUE to match the desk or bright pink (darker than the wall) or maybe apple green?? Or should I get an ivory & just give it a nice solid off white, clean up coat?


What do you think?

I think I had better get off this computer & get busy before my lovely children tear the house apart...I hear the makings of "fort town" in the upstairs hall (those biscuits gather up every single cushion & pillow in the ENTIRE house)...I need to contain it before it gets out of control!

Happy Wednesday!

~ mandy


Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

LOVE IT!!! I am such a sucker for that style of furniture...GREAT JOB GIRL!!! I'd do the chair in aqua like the desk for what it is worth (I'm sure you've already made your choice by now though!)

take a bow Jenn

Amanda said...

Hi- Can you tell me the name of that blue paint? I love it!

Mandy said...

Hi, Amanda!

It is Satin Aqua, Rustoleum Painters Tough, Ultra Cover. I think it came from Home Depot.

Melany said...

Hello, I'm about to paint a desk just like this one. Did you do any prep to the surface first? Thank you.

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