Friday, June 5, 2009

The Walk of Shame!

I can't believe I'm going to share these with you!

But, I'm determined to get my act together in here...and admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? ;)

(I hope I don't scare you off here...)

Ok, here goes...I have a HUGE mess & need to get it organized.

Before you look & ask...NO, this is NOT all my fabric...I have a separate closet for that (more shame, LOL)...this is just the fabric that I like to look at & use a lot. This tiny room is right off the kitchen & is quite often the "dumping ground" or the "holding pen" for items that have come in, but haven't been put away...although my husband has an ENTIRE, HUGE room that is HIS "office/library", MY tiny room is where he likes to hang out (well sure, there's tons of stuff to look at in here & of course he just can't be away from me...harhar...).

I'm welcoming (scolding, er) suggestions here, so get your comments ready! I will pick one comment (out of the one or two, as I hardly ever get more comments than that...but yet my traffic feed tells me that TONS of folks are visiting my blog...who are you people!??!) winner to receive a FREE Mama Precious Hip Apron...this one right here, if I can find it in this mess...(joking, it's right here):

Ok, you ready?

(boy, this is really embarrassing)

Welcome to the craft room, let's all squeeze in here for a peek...

Here's the monster computer needs to go...but it's a perfectly good chair, but it needs to's way too much chair for this room!

The sewing/craft table...a super bargain from Big Lots, came with two pub chairs...I love that thing! I'm CONSIDERING painting it ivory & then sanding it to make it distressed...then painting the chairs BLUE (like the iron piece behind my monitor that you will see in these next pics)

Yeah, BIG mess printer died & yesterday I bought a new one...going to get that puppy hooked up at nap time me some nap time, we may never take that crib down!

I found this fabulous spray paint in a calm, beachy blue...painted my calendar board frame with that...I love it...but, have no love for my hubby's idea of organizing the bills...that rack is there to tell you what needs to be paid, then you shred...not stick it back in there!! ACK!

Ok, now remember these tiles?
I used that fab, blue spray paint on them...they are BEAUTIFUL...I had a nail in the wall there, so I stuck one up hoping for inspiration...I'm just not sure where they should go...should I put them all three up above the windows (behind the big computer chair) to draw your eye up when you come in here (as if you would ever come back in here after seeing this...bahaha)...the RABBIT pen holder (note Mr. Spoon in there) was my great-grandmother's...I love to have that guy around, he's one of my favorite pieces (not to mention Edward Cullen just casually sticking out of that pile of stuff there...that was no accident, haha)...

My new fabric message board hiding behind a pile of camera straps to sew, fabric to organize...tisk, tisk, tisk...

Cool white tub (I need something fun from Marilyn on here, eh?)....full of Un-Finished Objects & stuff that needs to be listed on ebay...(you're having an anxiety attack now, aren't you...deep breath, deep & out, you're ok...)

Behind the door (the perfect place to hide stuff)...Miss O's Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is under all that...I'm still waiting till she's ready to give it to her, it's too cute to let it get torn up!

The craft/sewing table...what do you think? Should I paint it & distress it & then paint those chairs blue? I also considered making a little curtain to go across the front so that I could hide stuff underneath...but I think I need to just quit hoarding CRAP, don't you!?! However, those tubs & baskets contain school art & awards that I need to put into scrapbooks...the big blue tub is full of stuff to SHRED...holy....

and another glance at the desk...tisk, tisk, tisk...

it was nice knowing you...I'm sure you'll never come back here after seeing all this!

Shame, shame, everyone knows your name...

So, who wants this apron?
Help a girl out here...tell me when you're coming over to organize me!! ;)

Big O & Miss O will be in camp all next, this room is going to be my PROJECT...tell me what to do with this mess!!

Happy, happy Friday!!

~ mandy


Jill said...

Hi Mandy, I know you from the BDB, so maybe some of your other readers are from there as well.

My sewing room is the first place everyone sees when they come into my house, so that is my basic motivation too keep it clean. Even with all that though, it's still a crafty, creative place, so it's never perfectly clean. I like the idea of painting the table and chairs, I think they would look great. I think a curtain would look good around the bottom of the table, but you are right, probably just another place to stash stuff.

Love the apron, that is adorable! Good luck on your organization project!

Kim said...

Mandy - I have no suggestions, as you are typically my inspiration to get organized. Clearly, I am in a world of hurt. Good Luck!
Your Sister.

motherof3fellows said...

I think the blue iron would look good to hang right above your windows! And, paint the table and put the skirt around the table, excellent storage! It just wouldn't be your room, if it was organized HEHE! I have yet to see it organized. I'm just playing, I LOVE your room and I wish I had it :)

Kerry said...

Mandy...Brian is laughing his @#% off at the idea of me giving organization've been to my house & know I need help as much as you do! The curtains are my FAV, paint the table, the skirt around the table is a cute idea but beware because it will give Sneaky E another place to hide out! Here is a link to a really cute craft room for some inspiration
And if it makes you feel better...I really didn't even notice the mess after I saw the pic of Edward! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Hi Mandy~

I'm no help in the organization department either, my office looks pretty much the same and I need help too! I do need to add though I love the blue paint you found and your latest bulletin board project ROCKS! I am looking to you for inspiration so keep it coming :)
That and I felt guilty for always lurking around your blog and not commenting.....the apron was definitely the incentitve I needed to step up to the plate LOL

(your lurker from Canada)

The Dodd Squad said...

Hi Mandy...
I'm so glad you posted those pictures. It always makes me feel better to see that other people have the "lived in" look as well. I just can't seem to prevent that around my house! I love the idea of the blue and I definitely think those bright colors are great...especially against those dark cabinets. I like the idea of hanging fabric around the table and then get some good size tubs/baskets to organize things in underneath the table. That would definitely eliminate some of that clutter and you could even get some fun tubs or baskets to put on the counter by the computer and on the shelves above. What if you painted a backsplash above the counters and used the chalkboard paint so you could scribble notes, measurements, etc. while you work? I've seen that in kitchens and I love it! I love your creativity and your blog. Hope all is well in Lebanon! We sure do miss it out there!

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