Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roses Gone Wild!

Now, I'm sure you guys get sick of seeing pics of my flowers.

Makes it look like I think I'm some Lil Miss Green Thumb or something! But in reality, I'm the worst gardener on the planet...everything I touch dies...seriously! I have had such giddy, good luck with these Knock-Out Roses, I just can't seem to stop myself from sharing...they are such a joy to look at out in my yard (knowing that I touched them & they didn't DIE)!!

A couple of summers ago we decided to have our yard landscaped professionally & they put in these little bitty rose bushes...I was skeptical at first because I KNOW roses are a lot of work, but they assured me that these bushes were EASY-PEASY & not to panic...ah & they did not lie!

Take a look at these guys in August 2007, just put in the ground:

(this pic was Miss O's first day of kindergarten & Big O...he was still looking like a baby going into 4th...tear my heart UP here, oh my!!)

and then the following year...first day of school, August 2008...same spot, BIIIIGGG difference!

Wow, huh!?!

Well, our landscape guy came by the other day to turn on the irrigation & he was super complimentary about
my roses...he said (and I'll quote, *snicker*) "they're some of the prettiest I've seen" in whole town! ;) That sweet, southern boy knows how to kiss up to a mama doesn't he! ;)

He also told me that a lot of folks think that these roses are NO maintenance, but really they are just super LOW maintenance & that I do a great job taking care of mine.

(Pat, pat, pat my plant killing back...)

Please understand that I am NOT claiming to be a knock out rose specialist, nor do I have a degree in horticulture...this is simply what I do to take care of mine gathered from a little goggle & a lot of good luck.

Mine are set out in FULL Blown beat you down sun, they are watered DAILY (via irrigation) & are treated with Sevin Spray (via hose, not the dust) every 10-14 days (because, as God is my witness...those evil Japanese Beetles will never eat up my rose bushes EVER again!!).

They bloom & they are beautiful! But, after the bloom is done it dies. Here's a pic so you can see what I'm talking about.

Some blooms are fresh, some are older & some are stubs without petals (that look like stars).

You can LEAVE these guys alone & the bush WILL continue to bloom. But, I have found that pinching these off (just under the bloom, it's rounded before you get to the stem) it will force the bush to grow faster...kind of like if you get a scrape, the body sends a crew to that site & it gets fixed up...the bush it like this too.

After you pinch them off, your bush is going to look like this:

Take extra care to not break off the unopened blooms. The bush will look bare for a few days, but you will begin to see small reddish colored leaves (like in the pic above, in the top right side) forming where you broke dead flowers off & the entire bush will break out in new blossoms very quickly. I do this to mine a couple of times a month. They bloom FULL & BEAUTIFUL from late April all the way until the end of October here in TN.

Ok, that's all my gardening tips for today. ;)

What do you have good luck with in your yard? Is there anything you have put out that just took off & exceeded your expectations?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, I'm out to finish painting these chairs before the rain rolls in!

Happy Tuesday!

~ mandy

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