Friday, June 19, 2009

Recycled Lamp Shade Project

I meant to share these yesterday, but I got busy playing life guard & then it was time to pick up Miss O from her overnight camp...she was exhausted & homesick & needed some mama lovin' when she got home. I ended up taking her with me to Walgreen's to pick up pictures after dinner & let her pick out a bunch of nail polish & junk...we're going to have nail time today while we're out by the pool.

Anyway, my craft room is DONE & I'll get pictures to share with you next week. I wanted to show you ANOTHER recycled project that I completed while decorating in here.

I bought this lamp ages ago, it was a cheap-o...I doubt I paid more than $15 for it. I originally thought I would put stuff in the buttons or stones or something fun, but I just could not pry it open...SO, I ended up using the shade for Miss O's old lamp (that needed a new shade) & stuck the lamp base in the attic. I added some ric rac around the bottom in pinks to match her lamp, it was really cute. BUT, she's outgrown the lamp & now it's in the attic with the other one.

After looking around town for a pretty (cheap find) lamp to use in here, I realized I HAD the cheap find already in my attic!! Yesterday, I pulled the pink ric rac off & got out my glue gun!

Now I have another 100% recycled at home (using only items on hand), NEW lamp to put in my craft room! This was SO easy to do, you can spiff up a lampshade easily for pennies!

You will need a shade, glue gun & your choice of trims.

I chose ric rac because that's what I had on hand, but you can find some REALLY beautiful trims at craft stores that will make a LOUD statement for not a lot of $.

I already had a "line" to go by on this one (from pulling off the previous trim), but before you begin you should measure where you would like the trim to go & use a pencil to lightly make a path for your hot glue to follow when it's time to put the trim down. (I decided to place my trim an inch above the bottom of the lamp & the next trim another inch above that one). I did not measure my ric rac & cut it off until the very end. I quickly went around the shade with it to make sure I had enough, but I don't like to cut until the end.

To get started you just find spot on the lamp to begin & put a little bit of hot glue on the path you made. The ric rac will stick immediately to the hot glue & stay in place. You might want to hold it on there for 5-10 seconds to be sure.

Go all the way around the shade, then when you cut your ric rac make sure to put hot glue on the tip/end so that it does not fray. If you're using a trim like the green one I used, you will need to fold it under & glue it down to not show the frayed end.

Then you're ready to add another if you are doing more than one trim like I did.

When your trim is glued down, you can go back & pull off the extra hot glue that might be showing. Mine is not perfect, but unless you are right on it'll never know!

This is an EASY, PEASY project that will give your room a real customized look (for cheap)! ;)

I'll be blogging again later on (since this was yesterday's post).

Today is Show Us Where You Live Friday on Kelly's Korner. I've been working on my PLAY ROOM lately & thought I would use this opportunity to share it with everyone. :) I LOVE to check her site on Friday, it's fun to get a peek into other people's homes! Today it's a choice day to share Laundry Rooms (and you DON'T want to see mine) or Bonus Room/Play Rooms...lots of GREAT shares pal Sharae shared her super BEAUTIFUL Laundry Room! Hop over & check out these great rooms & SHARE yours too!"/>

Be back later, you guys have a FAB Friday Morning!

~ mandy

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motherof3fellows said...

Love the ric rac lampshade. You are so creative.

Are you guys still planing on coming down or sideways I guess it would be? I do hope so. I want to se you and your precious little family.

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