Friday, June 12, 2009

Old Blue Chair...

I'm SOOOO, SO excited! :)

Sunday night, the hubby & I are heading to Nashville to see the 4th concert of the CMA Fest....BECAUSE my precious Kenny announced that he will close it out with a surprise appearance! We've been to see him EVERY summer for the past FOUR summers in a row...I was very disappointed this year when we weren't able to work out a trip to go see him...I do love me some Kenny tunes!

I'm working on this room (cross my heart!!), but it's going to take me all summer at the rate I'm going...these kids are SO incredibly demanding this summer! Changes are coming, I promise!

I realized while I was painting these old brown chairs & getting them sanded & distressed that I now have my OWN "Old Blue Chair" (a pair actually, even better!).

Enjoy yourself a listen, this has to be one of my favorite Kenny songs!

I'm looking forward to getting these guys finished up & my table painted (which will have to happen IN THE CRAFT ROOM as Daddy P is refusing to help me move it out to paint since it's a "PERFECTLY GOOD TABLE" to begin with...meanie!)

Next weekend is Miss O's big 7th birthday!!!
Her birthday has NEVER, EVER fallen on Father's Day, so I didn't even bother checking when I scheduled her party...I few days after I received the completed invites in the mail from Erin (you MUST check her out, she's a rock star & is SO fast)! I saw a sign in a store & SURE ENOUGH her birthday is on Father's Day...Bah!! (double Bah, ugh...I felt SO rude imposing on a daddy's special day)
Talk about stinky luck!

Miss O picked THIS invite from Erin's stash & she changed out the fonts to hot pink & apple turned out OH, SO cute! (Thank you, Erin...we LOVE!!) & check out Erin's blog, it's adorable!!

Of course, you know how I get when birthday's roll around here...yes, I'll be dragging out those baby pictures soon! ;)

Well, we're up & heading out the door for our last day of Art & Baseball camps...whew, the week FLEW by while I was running up & down the road!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous FRIDAY!!

~ mandy


motherof3fellows said...

The chairs look great, are you painting the table the same color? You did a awesome job on the distressing. :)

Kim Sue said...

can't wait to see more of that room! love the chairs

Little*Precious Boutique said...

thanks, pals! :)
I'm going with some ivory/off white, I have a good 3/4 can left from my garage project (that I haven't shared, bad me)...I'm going to paint it & then distress it real good to make it look all beat up ;)

I'm looking forward to getting done!

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