Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My NEW Crafty Space...

is DONE!

I'm really tickled with how it turned out!
It's not a big MAJOR make-over, just a few things changed here & there for VERY little money...a lot of the big changes came from items I recycled from around my own house! The beef of it was ORGANIZING (otherwise known as "hiding my crap in canvas bins")...

(I'm joking) ;)

Keep in mind how BAAAAAAAD it looked before!
(I just went back & looked...WOW, that was REALLY bad...)

((I can't believe you came back after seeing that...))

Well, I got my act together now...

Welcome BACK to my craft room...

let's squeeze in here again for another look!

After I painted my chairs blue, I cleaned the table OFF & just loved the light dancing off that dark surface....so, I decided that I would wait on painting the big table. Of course, it really IS "a perfectly good table", you know! ;)

Remember my MESS behind the door?
That mess is now the "mess in the closet under the stairs" (& I'll deal with that later)...LOL

Now I have a spot to put my sewing machine & cutting board...AND my basket to catch papers & artwork from the kids....hidden away, nice & neat(ish).

That basket tower that I was using to hoard STUFF is now at the end of the counter & houses camera straps to sew, straps that are ready to sell AND the bottom box is the hubby's "To Shred" box now....hidden away, nice & neat...;)

I ordered letters from Marliyn & added this fun green one on my tub (it is on there slightly crooked & is driving me INSANE)...fabric board all decked out with people I love...fabric put away & labeled.

The mail catcher is cleaned out(ish) & books and camera goodies are all stored away in their own canvas bins...the only thing I'm missing is Edward Cullen (*sniff*).

SO, there ya go!
Not so bad now, huh? ;)

I spent VERY little on this job...the canvas baskets were the most expensive items (from Lowe's)...in all I didn't spent more than $65.

I feel so super thrifty now! ;)
And speaking of THRIFTY, you have got to come back & see what I found at Goodwill today...it is divine...I can't WAIT to get my spray paint & staple gun out after it!!

Come back & visit soon...we'll make something at my CLEAN table! ;)

& I'm dying to tell you about my changes...I DO know that a few of you have already figured out what it is...(I love that link tracker)....you just had to get your CSI on, now didn't you! ;)

Change IS coming, soon!

Night, y'all!

~ mandy


Jodee Leader said...

Wow! Way to go! Everything looks soooo organized! I always feel soooo much better after I throw my crap in canvas bins too!

Amy said...

You are killing me!! First of all, you better watch out because I might sneak in and steal those GREEN dotty curtains and 2nd...what is the surprise???

motherof3fellows said...

It looks FAB!! I LOVE the blue chairs. You did a great job. Now you are thrifty, you went to the goodwill, I have never been. Can't wait to see what your painting.

I think I know what the suprise is?!!

Do bring that icecream maker and we will make that cobbler again!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Looks great! You are inspiring me to work on my creative place. I have lost my creative mojo in all the clutter in there!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

great job!! love all of it. .. the blue is beautiful and I love it mixed in with the lime green :o)

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