Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make a Fabric Message Board!

Ok, I'm so out of it...I blogged earlier & thought it was WEDNESDAY!

Here's a free tutorial on how to make a Fabric Message Board...tomorrow is GIVEAWAY day, so check back!


I was spiffing up my craft room this past weekend & decided that a fun fabric message board would REALLY brighten up my spot!

I had this little fabric message board that I purchased at Big Lots for Miss O, but she didn't like it & it's been in my fabric closet for a year now!! I decided that I would do some recycling with it! I think I paid $3 for this thing, but of course you can use any piece of wood & add a layer of batting yourself. I decided to recycle & use the one I already had.

I ASPIRE to some day perk up my little "sewing studio"...but alas...I'm not doing a good job getting this MESS picked up in here! I will continue to aspire until motivation hits...LOL!

Anyway, I have these fantastic green polka dotty shades in my craft room, so I wanted to blend in but not be all matchy (Sharae has taught me well...she rocks out decorating!!) ;)

I decided to recover the board with this amazing Amy Butler Belle, Chrysanthemum fabric that I've been local crafty store had it on clearance about a year ago...$4 a yard, I about died!!

This project was SO easy, all you need is fabric, ribbon, thumb tacks or upholstery tacks, a pair of scissors, staple gun & maybe a hot glue gun if you are picky about edges.

The first thing I did was cut the ribbons off the old message board & add a layer of fusible fleece over the top of the fabric that was already in place (to keep the castles & flowers from showing through onto my new fabric.

This stuff I used is FUSIBLE, so I just ironed it down & was ready to go!

Next I cut my fabric. You want to cut it about 2 inches longer on each side to give you plenty of fabric to fold it over to the back.

Then you need to lay the front of your fabric face down & place the board face down on top of that.

Easy so far, heh? :)

When I make one of these I always start with by folding the corners down first & stapling them in place with a staple gun (you can also use hot glue here). You might want to turn the whole board over & pin your fabric to the matting to keep it where you want it, but that's totally up to you. ((I always like to sew things that are pinned or glued down myself.))

When your corners are secure, then work around the sides stabling it down & making it nice & tight.

Once all your sides are stapled down it will look like this on the back:

That's when I crank up my hot glue gun!
Turn those frayed ends under & glue them all down so it looks nice & neat from the back.
(this is an optional step, of course)

Ok, so your board should be looking a bit like this one by now:

To finish it off you add ribbon or RIC RAC (so fun) to create slots to slide you pictures or messages under. I was recycling here using only items I had on hand, so I used some bone colored grosgrain & white thumb tacks to finish my message board off. The ribbon can be placed any way you like, it's entirely up to you! :)

Now, all I have to do is get this MESS picked up & I can show you my snazzy message board in use...

(wait, that may never happen)

I think I will challenge myself to get this mess picked up once & for all...tomorrow, I'll show you my MESS (then you can scold me...haha...mabye that will make me get my act together here...)!

I'll be picking a random ((scolding)) comment to receive a FREE Mama Precious Sassy 1/2 Apron!!

Happy THURSDAY, everyone!

~ Mandy


motherof3fellows said...

Great job!! It will look great in your craft room, I so wish I had a craft room, I could throw all of Charlie's deer out of this office and make it all mine.... Hmmmm, I better not :)

PS. The puppy is darling, what are you going to do with another puppy???

Kim said...

The message board looks awesome, I've always wanted to do that. Maybe I'll give it a whirl!

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