Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Girl!

It was seven years ago today (but not until 11:37 pm, that is) that a little princess came into my life! She arrived on a day that was a snowball of stress and frustration...but the second she slipped into my arms, everything was perfect...just like her!

(warning...long story ahead) ;)

Daddy P left on Father's Day Sunday for Air Force Officer's Training in Alabama, leaving me home with Big O (aka, "Super Wild Child" back then) & VERY pregnant, but not due until July 4th. The 4th was his leave weekend & we had already planned to be induced so that he could be there when Miss O was born...

However, Miss O had a plan of her own...our confident, headstrong girl knew what she wanted RIGHT from the very start!

That following Friday night I could tell that something was amiss with our little lady.....I called Daddy P to put him on alert, but he dropped some HEAVY news in my lap right then! He was restricted to the base for the weekend & could NOT come home!

I don't think I slept a wink all night...I let Big O sleep in my bed that night & I pretty much just rubbed his back & prayed about what I KNEW was about to happen the following day...

the following morning, with things still amiss...I called my doctor's office & of course they said for me to come on down...G'ma & Big O loaded up with Big Mama (boy, WAS I big) & off we went.

Right off the bat, the confirmed my biggest fear...YES, I had sprung a "slow leak" & needed to head upstairs to get ready for delivery. No, I didn't cry yet...I think I was trying to digest it...I cried a few minutes later when they came back in the room to tell me that MY DOCTOR WAS ALSO OUT OF TOWN & would not be with me today EITHER...

No Daddy P...& no beloved Dr. P....
The next couple of hours were pretty blurry for me...there apparently was a FULL MOON or something because the hospital's new, fancy smancy maternity floor was FULLLLLLL & I was told to head up to the old maternity ward. I walked (I needed to get away, so I walked), up a steep hill next door to the old part of the hospital...snubbing & crying all the way. My poor mother not sure what to squalling & Big O running circles around her like the Tasmanian devil...

I had myself so worked up, I wasn't EVEN shocked when I got up there & they had NOT faxed my records over like they said they would & I had to sit down & go through the admission process ALL OVER AGAIN...I'm sure that woman was thinking I should go up to the crazy ward & not the maternity ward...I was acting crazy FOR SURE!

At this point, I decided to just pray.
I knew there was no changing the situation...often they are able to stop labor, but NOT when you've sprung a leak.
So I prayed.
Took a deep breath...and just prayed.

I have no doubt that what happened next was an answer to my prayers. This angel appeared, her name was Joy Buck, RN...and she had just clocked in for her shift (and was assigned to "that crazy, crying pregnant woman over there")...she took control, she calmed me down, she talked my nerves out of knots...she assured me that everything was going to be fine.

And it was.
About an hour after that, with absolutely ZERO progress with Miss O...G'ma took "Wild Boy"out for some lunch. They were gone about 15 minutes (& in a hospital this big that's about enough time for you to find your car).

They returned...with ANOTHER angel!

My precious, precious girlfriend Rachel ran into them out in the parking lot. She was coming out of a doctor's appointment herself & came running upstairs to my rescue!

In a jiffy she bought me FLOWERS, sat by my side & had me giggling...oh, I do love that girl!
She loaded Big O up in the backseat of her little convertible Volvo & took him home & out of our hair.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Miss O was in NO big hurry at all & I was just in total shock at how different this blissfully quiet, stress-free delivery was turning out to be...the opposite of Big O in EVERY possible way. Nurse Joy was with me every second...she and Grandma were right there and watched this beautiful baby girl take her first breath & then snuggle up with her mama.

Poor Daddy P was on the cell phone with us getting the play by play, I can't begin to imagine how bad his heart was breaking not being able to be there for his girls. Miss O was 3 weeks old when he was finally allowed a leave to come home and meet his baby girl...

and she's had him wrapped around her little finger ever since!

So, I wanted to blog today to wish my sweet baby girl a very happy birthday & share the wild story of the day she was born. She is the joy of my life, I love you Miss O!

Happy Birthday

and Happy Father's Day to Daddy P & Poppy too! :)
~ mandy


motherof3fellows said...

Give her some kisses from us, she's such a little sweetie. Can't wait to see you guys.

Jodee Leader said...

Holy cow! What a wild birth story! I would have been a little crazy too given all of those circumstances!

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! We are celebrating a birthday later this week too!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Miss O! What a beautiful girl she is! I also wanted to tell you that we are giving away your camera strap this week! Thanks so much for donating it. I am putting a post up today.

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