Monday, June 15, 2009

And, It's Monday...

Daddy P & I went to the CMA Fest last night & did not get in until 1:30 am...I tell you, MAMA is getting way too old to stay out that late! I was up at 7 am getting folks dressed, fed, greased up & packed up for their respective camps...

then I went a funeral for one of my parent's friends....oh, I will miss him...:(

and now I am tired!

I've busy for the past few seems like I have to make a HUGE, HUGE mess in order to get organized! I still have a couple of piles to put away, but the inside of the craft room is COMPLETELY organized now!

I've still got a few things to put in place & I'll share the finished product (before it gets messed up again that is, *snort*) ;)

I also have ANOTHER little crafty tutorial to share with you!

Check back this week for the finished product & a bit of crafty goodness...I'm either going to grab some coffee or try to catch a couple of winks before dinner!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

~ mandy

1 comment:

motherof3fellows said...

looks great! doesn't it feel great to know where everything is?, you did a great job!!

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