Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tool Belt Diva...

Ok, so I really didn't use any tools except spray paint & sand paper...but still...

I've been on a DIY (Do It Yourself) marathon this week!!

Last weekend I was able to get over to Lowe's with the fam & we loaded up the truck with FLOWERS & I was able to pick up a few items that I had been needing to finish some projects here at the house (which is just HUGE because I can hardly go to the store with Sneaky E lately...he HATES to shop & is such a biscuit when we go...wears me out).

Anyway, I inherited this cute little floral table when my granny passed away a couple of years ago. I've moved it ALL OVER my upstairs & just couldn't find a place for it to call home. It's cute as can be, but had painted chipped all over & was missing a huge section right out of the front....(ignore those metal tiles, I'll tell you about them later) ;)

I've been reading some GREAT blogs that feature DIY Crafty Goodness lately and have really been inspired to do something fun with this table (I just wasn't sure what exactly)....until I saw this bathroom make over on Just A Girl...aside from being SUPER creative, this gal is also hilarious! Every time she updates her site, I'm all over it...she's one of my favorite blogs to read! Another great one is THE NESTER! Oh, LOVE!! She is powerhouse crafty (and thrifty too)! I love to visit her site!

Ok, back to the table...

I decided to give it a shot & painted it a nice chocolate brown...let it dry overnight & then I assaulted it with a pad of sandpaper!

And just lookie at how it turned out!

It already had this delicious texture & a bit of detail to it...they REALLY stood out after the sanding! My jaw was seriously hitting the floor when the hubby got home...I asked him what he thought & he said I should get into the furniture business! ;) Love that guy!!

I found this cute little frame at TJ Maxx (and the boxed topiary too) reads "Count Your Blessings for Wonderful Friends"...just perfect to house my beautiful "Lunch Bunch" picture in. Sneaky E thought it would look wonderful on this table & got busy naming off all the mommies of his pals...

HOWEVER, Miss O was quick to tell me that she didn't understand WHY I had FRIENDS on my new table & when the iron wall sign plainly said FAMILY...(tisk). She's too funny!

WELL, while I was at Lowe's last weekend I found this curtain that I loved for the Pool House...I only bought one just to see if it would look good. It was a perfect match, so this morning while Sneaky E was at Mother's Day Out I ran into Lowe's to pick up another panel...and LOOK at what I ran up on!!!!

I've been looking for one of these for Miss O's bedroom since we built this house! But, being the big CHEAP-O that I am...I just could NOT spend the high $$ on a chandelier for a little girl's bedroom! They have them in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog...I LOVE this look & it matches her furniture perfectly!

This one was a FLOOR SAMPLE & the guy said he just took it down not FIVE MINUTES before I walked up! Is that not crazy! I snagged that puppy for $60! I was SO excited!!

NOW, those hideous rosettes & bows are going to have to go...without a doubt! but I can easily add a trim to it or just buy new much do you want to bet that Miss O says she LOVES those roses!??! haha!

I'll be sure to share pics when we get it up (and Miss O gets her mess picked up)!!

and while I was on that side of town, I ran in to Wally...and look what I found in there (I'm telling you, it was a great morning....) haha!

For just $15!!!

Yep, I already contacted Marilyn on Etsy about doing a vinyl letter for them...remember these that she did for my cork board....LOVE THEM!!

But, these buckets are not for ME....they are gifties....I'll share them when I get them ready!

Whew, it's time to go (watch Twilight on my iPhone) get in car line!
Hope you all are having a VERY

Happy Thursday!!

~ mandy

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motherof3fellows said...

Way to go!!! I'm loving it. See you can do it! I love those buckets, what are you going to do with them????

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