Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Break is Coming...

Wow, what a week it's been!!

We've had the END OF THE YEAR CRAZIES here...whew!

Sneaky E & I ended up at the park with Miss O & her first grade friends on Tuesday (or was that Wednesday? eh? anyway...). I was thinking it would be a little play time, have lunch & head on I volunteered to drive since they didn't have use of buses for the day...the next thing I know, I'm STUCK at the park from 9 am till 1 pm with a gazillion wild 6/7 year olds & a sneaky biscuit!

but, boy we did have fun & E napped allllllll afternoon when we got back (which was great, because I was absolutely exhausted)!!

Wednesday I had a ton of stuff planned & it all got changed, but my babysitter arrangements DID I was off to the Maxx, CHILD FREE!! (thanks again, Nana!!) ;) I snagged some AWESOME spiral shrubs for my front porch, I'll get a shot of them later...I got SUCH a steal of a deal on them, I'm still on a high from it!!!

Then all the sudden it's Friday & Big O had his 5th grade awards day...I was so proud of my little holy man receiving outstanding achievement in Bible! ;)

I ended up signing both kids out early & Daddy P took the day off & took the O's fishing...

In the mean time, I've been doing some thinking...& I've decided that

I'm keeping it low key this summer...really low key...


The past few summers I have run myself all over the place the entire month of June...up & down the road to swim lessons, tennis lessons, art camp, church camp, baseball camp, football camp, bible school...HOLY COW!

After I wanted to check into a hospital for exhaustion last year, I SWORE we would NOT do it like that again!!

This year we will have the first two weeks be lazy, to craft, to cook, to whatever we feel like doing! The second week Big O & Miss O will do quick MORNING camps & we will be home for lunch & have the whole afternoon to be lazy. (notice the repetition of the word lazy here folks)

The third week the O's will do ALL DAY camp...I figured they would be getting cabin fever by then.

Miss O is going to a friend's church camp...((it's awesome, btw...they are required to wear a swimsuit under their clothes each day & bring a change of clothes every day, wear OLD play stuff daily & she comes home so nasty & exhausted it's bath & bed for that girl every night))....Big O will be doing all day baseball camp at the local's a combination of hitting & fundamentals...they will do game situations & scrimmages after's a full, big day of baseball Mon-Thurs (& he's never done this one before, let's keep our fingers crossed that he's not fighting tooth & nail about going back after the first day).

Then, that's IT!

Besides going on our family vacation in July, I don't plan to leave the house again except to get groceries!! (or to escape for a child free visit to TJ Maxx) ;)

So, I'm putting together some ideas that for some summer crafts that we can do together here. The kids & I are going to have a "family meeting" this weekend to make a list of all the things that they would like to make or learn how to do or make this summer, then I'm going to try & round up materials to have on hand when the crafty mood strikes!

One thing I DO plan to teach both the O's this summer is how to prepare a few simple foods (scrambled eggs, bake a box cake, make mashed potatoes), how to DO their own laundry & how to make your bed like you're at boot camp! I foresee lots of tears, foot stomping & huffing in my future, don't will be worth it though, independence is the greatest gift a parent can give! ;)

WELL ANYWAY...I've been hunting up craft ideas & look at these cute crayon prints! I found them both on Tip Junkie & Sweetfunkyvintage featured as Teacher Gifts...but I think they would look right fetching in my playroom with my kid's names!

It would be awesome to have an entire alphabet done too...but that might be biting off a bit too much for us! haha

I have some teacher gifts to share next time, so be sure & check back!

I found that I have a collection of empty laundry detergent bottles...what on earth could we make with those?? I was thinking about some kind of bird feeder...but, I'm not sure...anyone have a good craft idea for that one??

We're off to a Memorial Day party down the road, it's an ALL DAY event...going to be tons of fun (and making me feel glad that I went to bed early last night)!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful holiday weekend!!

~ mandy

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