Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sneaky E's Program...

I can't believe I forgot to share these with you!!

The week before last was Sneaky E's last week of Mother's Day Out for the year & they had a wonderful little program that night. They held a "graduation" for the 4 year olds who would be heading to kindergarten in the fall & each of the little classes came down the center isle, sat on the steps and performed a little song or two...ALL of these children were perfectly well behaved...EVERY one of them!

As they got closer to E's class, I started to sweat... I was absolutely terrified of what he would do when it was his turn!!

and he did NOT disappoint...

the little darlings came down the isle, took their little spots & Miss Mary Anne started the song...oh, they all started singing...just as cute as can be!

And then, something caught E's eye...his DADDY!

and it was all over from there!

I did not put my camera down the entire performance because I knew that my face was BLOOD RED, everyone in the church was LOOKING at us!!

Instead of singing, Sneaky E kept pointing in our direction & calling out "That's my DA, That's my DA"....

oh, the biscuit!!

It was hilarious & he was just precious!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day Out year, E LOVED every second!
Thank you again, Miss Mary Anne...we love you!!

I'm SO glad we got out & had our Memorial Day festivities is pouring down rain this morning!! Miss O slept until 9:15, so that should tell you about how much fun she had out on the boat...she never sleeps past 7 on the weekend, EVER!

Anyway, Daddy P & I are going back on the hunt for patio furniture today...I swear, I ought to just buy some online myself & be done with it...that picky man can't make up his mind!! He's worse than a woman about that stuff!

Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one, I'll be back tomorrow to share shots from the party on the LAKE yesterday! What a FUN time it was (and the pics are hilarious, no one is safe!)!!

~ mandy

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