Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Special!

Busy, busy here...whew!

Found a new "prop" for my camera straps (just $9 too)...love TJ Maxx!

Sneaky E has been super demanding lately...getting into stuff & whatnot...wear me down! I'm hoping to crank out the rest of these straps I've been promising you on Thursday while he's at school (um, or I could get up & sew right now while he's in bed...except he's exhausted me to the point of being completely useless....).

Here's a few new ones & don't miss out on the May Special... All Straps $12 & several styles moved to the CLEARANCE section in my shop!!

Love to snag a great deal...love it even better when YOU do!

We're down to the last three weeks of school here...already planning out which "camps" we're going to attend next month! I can't WAIT till the kids are done with homework & getting up early for a while...we're going to play hard around here this summer!

Happy Tuesday!

~ mandy

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