Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love Me Some Fitflops!

Yeah, you thought I forgot all about it!

I probably do have Adult entire day reads like one of those If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books...but this, I did not forget (I've just not been sitting in front of the computer every time I've remembered)! ;)

Ah, yes...the FITFLOPS!

You remember earlier this spring when I first ordered these shoes...they CLAIM to tone your legs and tighten your hiney! I couldn't resist putting them to the test!

I gave them a shot & I have to say that my legs DO feel STRONGER. They say wear them gradually & that is legs were EXHAUSTED the first few days I wore I had walked the zoo ALL DAY barefoot exhausted!

Have I lost inches off my hiney? I don't really think so...BUT, these shoes are SO AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE I do not even CARE! I feel good & I feel strong when I wear them!

and I wear them, folks!

I wear them ALL the time, ALL the time!! If they don't go with my outfit, I am changing into them as soon as I am home...I wear them ALL the time, THEY ARE SO COMFY! I saw on the website someone claimed "you will never want to wear your other shoes again"...SO, SO TRUE!

SO...if you were wanting to try a pair, I say give them a shot!
They have been worth every penny to me! :)

~ mandy

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