Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Day...

to get your $12 Mama Precious Sassy Camera Strap Covers!

I'll be taking a few weeks off to play with my kids on their summer vacation. I will still be blogging about crafty adventures & rambling family nonsense....and I'll EVEN be giving away a few things in the upcoming weeks (but you folks have GOT to leave comments to win, take a deep breath, don't be shy now!!)...

Get on over to my Etsy Shop & get that strap you've been eyeballing!
My vacation settings take effect first thing in the morning. ;)

Meanwhile, we're starting off the summer with a bang around here!

Miss O & Daddy P are at the ER as I type...she's apparently allergic to BEE STINGS...*sigh*...never a dull moment here, that's for sure!!

Happy Sunday!

~ mandy

1 comment:

Gindy said...

Hey Mandy, Just wanted to check on Miss O and see how she was feeling!

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