Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It was an A+ School Year!

and it is!


Woot, woot, wooooooot!

Today was Miss O's awards day & the last official day of school!

Both kids took gifts today to thank their teachers for all the love & learning they received this year. I cannot say enough about how happy we've been with all the teachers we had, they ALL rocked out! (and let me tell you, it takes having a stinky one to make you EXTRA appreciative of the great ones your child is placed with)...

Big O had three teachers this year in 5th grade, so I used these cute metal containers that I found at Wal-Mart & the letters that I got from Marilyn on Etsy & this is how they turned out...

Not bad, huh?!! ;)

and I was in charge of putting together Miss O's teacher's gift....& I was tickled to do it...back when I taught 2nd grade, her oldest daughter (who is DRIVING now, mercy) was in 2nd grade & she was a stay at home mom like me. I was thrilled to death to find out that Miss O was going to have her this year, I always enjoyed working with her back when I was teaching!

Anyway, here' s a shot before I finished filling it up...I added a few more goodies in there before taking this fun RELAXing themed tub to her...

I liked this one so well, I decided to do another one for a wedding gift that I needed to buy...a GREAT deal on a nice container ($19.50 for container & letter) & then fill it with some nice bath towels & candles for the newlyweds. It will make a really pretty gifty. :)

Well, I think the rain is stopping & the kids are wanting to play outside...SO...I'll be back to share more later.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

~ mandy


motherof3fellows said...

Those turned out so cute!! Love the idea. You found those at WalMart? I will have to check them out!

Little*Precious Boutique said...

yeah, they were in the garden center with the Better Homes & Gardens stuff....great deal! I had Aaron drill holes in one to make a planter for our new patio table.

Anonymous said...

I'm Marilyn from Decal Monograms. I was doing a search online and came across your blog. I LOVE what you did with the decals. They look awesome.

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