Monday, May 4, 2009


You know, I've been waiting for nearly FIVE YEARS to see that funky broken tooth gone!! Miss O fell off a stool at my mothers & hit her mouth right on the edge of the counter when she was about two & a's been a yucky brownish color forever & I'm SO happy to see it out of her mouth finally!!

Happy Dance, happy dance!!

and can you BELIEVE those fat caterpillars!?!?
they DEVOURED my new little rose bushes, tisk!!

I decided to run my Mama Precious Camera Strap Covers for $12 again all this month...I do love a good deal, don't you...visit my Etsy Store to check them out! ;) I am ALSO doing something fun with my pal Amy of Tote & Tee on Wednesday...stay tuned!

The rain has stopped, but it's still dreary & damp...I need to go do some laundry, but I would REALLY rather just pile up on the couch with a book & the weiner dog for a few hours...however, I only have THREE more Mother's Day Out days left & I'm not about to waste a second...I'm jumping up to be productive instead!!

Hope your Monday is a great one!!

~ mandy

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