Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I saw outside this afternoon...

it was GLORIOUS...clear blue skies & 75 degrees...hard to think about doing much of anything besides wandering around out in the yard with the kids!

I started the last book yesterday, but am forcing myself to LEAVE IT IN THE CAR...(No this is not an April Fool's gag...haha)...I am going to read in car line & at ball practice & whenever so that I can stretch it out & make it last longer. (you're laughing, I know...) ;) But, the set has been so good I just couldn't gobble it all up fast like I did the first three!

Speaking of April Fool's Day...I broke down & did the hubby & I had our first date on April Fool's Day...a wee....18 years ago today! (yikes)

And speaking of the hubby...he informed me last night that our NEW PUPPY was two weeks old today...we're getting a NEW PUPPY (I was informed) whenever it's time for it to leave its mommy...I'll not spoil the surprise for'll have to wait & find out what breed of canine american is about to turn my life completely upside down...oh, my!

Did I mention that we're having a birthday here this week?
Ah, I'll be dragging out some sweet shots of Sneaky E (dimples galore) in the next couple of check back. In the mean time, here's a sweet shot of Miss O in the afternoon sun.

Hope you are have a wonderful week!
~ Mandy


Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'm dying to know what the book is that you can't put down! I love a good book.

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Leslie, it's the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer...I was bitten by a fictional teenage vampire last week! ;)

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