Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I found these shoes online last week at Piperlime...The Fitflop...a new (and wildly popular, I have found) invention in shoes claiming to tone your legs & hiney!

I was needing some new flip flops anyway (and the dreaded bathing suit season is coming at me fast), I just couldn't resist giving these a try...WILL they actually tone my legs & bum?!?!

We shall see (but so far, I can say they are REALLY comfy shoes...I got the dark sequin pair in the photo above)!

Here's what I found on them:

I'll keep you posted. The weather is supposed to be warmer, so I plan to wear these babies every day for the next week & just see if they really DO what they claim! (and if they DO, I will be hunting up THIS pair next...go with everything...aren't they CUTE!?!)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday & Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet cousin Emily today too!! :)


1 comment:

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'm so happy you are test driving these for the rest of us! I have heard about them and wondered if they did the trick. Now I realize that eating healthy and exercising would do the trick, but where's the fun in that?!

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