Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Reading List

I am slightly dreading it...I know Big O is going to get one this year (worse than last year's, I'm sure). He's not my reader...that's Miss O...he would rather be doing ANYTHING else besides reading (which makes me sad really, because a good quarter of my life has been spent with my nose in a book). You know, there is something so brutal about reading because YOU HAVE TO, just takes all the fun out of it...but, I guess that's just part of growing up. I do hope he has a list of books he can CHOOSE from (like last year), that makes it so much easier for a non-reader like him!

I'm putting together a (short, let's be realistic here) list of books I want to devour this summer & a couple of them are books I have already read! Since they're good enough to enjoy more than once, I thought you might enjoy them too!

They are by my FAVORITE storyteller, Donald Davis!
His books are stories that have been passed down in his family and several are about his life and his family growing up in rural a North Carolina Appalachian mountain community.

Donald Davis visits my mother's school (she's a teacher) every year and does a live storytelling presentation for the school, then again for the public and THEN he spends a day with the students teaching them about how to tell (or write) their own stories. I've had the honor of meeting this adorable man and that makes his books just that much more special to me!

His stories are about life, love, respect and family...some are heartbreaking, but most are absolutely HILARIOUS!

There are three in particular that I HIGHLY recommend...(did I mention how HIGHLY I recommend these?!?)


I absolutely LOVED this one & I usually give this my children's teachers as a gift for teacher appreciation week with a little Starbucks gift card or something. This book compiles stories from Donald Davis' school years. I've read chapters of this book aloud to my 2nd grade class before...they were rolling on the carpet howling over DD's first day in 1st grade! The book is entirely rated G and would be loved by all ages!


I think this one is my favorite! I know for a fact that I've read it myself 3 times...I also know for a fact that I have LOANED my copy out & it never came back! This one is SO hilarious...I can remember reading it in the car on a family trip & just sitting over there laughing until I cried...my husband would make me back up & re-read it aloud (when I finally got myself under control) so that he could laugh over it too! This book is FILLED with hilarious stories about Donald Davis' family & vacations! I've given this one to teacher's at the end of the year with a beach bag/towel...summer reading at it's finest! ;)


A newer publication from DD sharing stories of his life and his mother. I list this one last because there are several stories that he tells here that are touched on briefly in these first two books that I suggested...you don't HAVE to read the other two, but I enjoyed running up on things that I remembered (with fondness, like they were family) and hearing more about them.

These, however are only three of nearly 50 publications from Donald Davis...so don't just stop there! ;) You can find his books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or right here on his publisher's website...August House.

What are you planning on reading this summer?

Leave me a book suggestion down there in the comment box & I will put your name in a drawing to receive a NEW Mama Precious Camera Strap Cover...if you're the winner, you can pick a print from the encyclopedia of fabric that I have in stock! (here's a peek at one I'm putting on Etsy today) ;)

The winner will be chosen on Friday morning.
Good Luck!!

I'm jumping up to get some laundry going before Sneaky E wakes up & takes the day by the horns...hope you all have a great Tuesday & Happy Reading!

~ mandy


motherof3fellows said...

I don't read, but I love me some Southern Living, does that count?

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I am going to read Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster. Summer is all about light reading for me!

Amy said...

Hmm, no ideas on the book suggestion but I really want to win!!
Will try to come up with something...love your camera straps:)

Gindy said...

My suggestion is the book called "The Shack", by William P. Young! If you have not read this book, it is a must read! I am getting a camara for our anniversary in June, and would LOVE a camara strap!! :)

Kim Sue said...

always love to read other book lists...I always get ideas to check out other books that I didn't know anything about!

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