Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Security Alert

is officially ELEVATED here at my house now!

The pool guys came out yesterday & removed the cover...

Sneaky E was loving the "work"...he helped the guys pressure wash the cover & get it ready to be stored away...then he helped maneuver the hose to find the perfect spot to fill the pool back up again. ;)

meanwhile, I began looking up locations for the little sneaky little buggar to take swimming lessons...ASAP...oh, my NERVES!!

On the flip side, these roses are looking lovely...but the new ones that I bought for my side porch have become a buffet for a mad team of FAT caterpillars!

And remember Miss O's Broken Tooth...well, the Tooth Fairy is circling the neighborhood...that baby is dangling by a few roots (but she WILL NOT let anyone pull it)...it's driving me INSANE, I want to yank it out of her mouth every time she opens it (which, if you know her in real life...you know that her mouth is open A LOT...) ;)

(love her anyway though)
I'll keep you posted on that one...

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

~ mandy


motherof3fellows said...

I'll be the same way this summer, CM loves water! I can't get him to stay off the pool cover,let alone the actual water. The pool guys should be here anytime to open ours for the summer.

Your roses are beautiful!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I love the tiles on your pool, very pretty! Your son is so cute! What a little helper.

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