Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's been a rough day...

First thing this morning I see on the news that my favorite local news anchorman, Dan Miller passed away last night. Although, I've never met him...he has been a part of my home since I was a little girl. My husband and I watch wsmv news every night & always enjoy his witty comments & quirky smiles...I feel like I've lost a friend and dread turning on the news tonight and not seeing him there (almost as much as I dread the faces of his co-workers...working, as the news must go on).

Then before I can get myself jerked up this morning, Sneaky E managed to flip himself off the back of the couch...landing HEAD FIRST onto the hardwood floor! I heard it from the kitchen & bolted in there expecting to see the end table knocked over or something...we spent a good 15 minutes rocking & both of us got a good cry in.


So sorry to be a downer today...I am hoping for a much better afternoon & will be back with a Fitflop report soon...(but first I have GOT to find Miss O's team shirt for tonight's swim league pictures)...ACK!!

Hurry Up, Weekend!!!

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Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I love that bunny cartoon. I know how odd it is when a beloved figure passes. It does feel like a loss of someone in the family. A great step uncle that you saw once a year, but family noentheless.

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