Saturday, April 11, 2009

NOT Obsessed...

I mean it, I'm really NOT! ;)

For some reason, I find myself visiting this celebrity gossip blog a few times a's not bad gossip & the blog author is always complimentary & positive about every picture she posts. There's just something interesting about these people being out in real life...mostly I read just to see what these folks are wearing in their "down time"...I'm curious...but NOT Obsessed! haha

and speaking OBSESSED...I broke my promise...after TWO full weeks of reading in the a page, there a page...I brought Breaking Dawn back into the's SOOOOO good...I can't stand it!!

I'm feeding my kids some lunch & settling in for a bit of LAZY Saturday reading!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day & a very Happy Easter Sunday! :)

~ mandy

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