Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy River Day...

Yesterday we spent a lazy day out on our riverfront property.
(warning...PICTURES galore today)

Although, it ended up being a perfectly lazy spring certainly didn't start out that way! You know with three kids, it's like herding cats trying to go somewhere...and when dad starts loading HIS toys up on the truck...WHEW!

It's a good little drive out in the country...far enough away from where we live to feel like we got "out of town"...we're hoping to build a little cabin out there one day. (ONE day, I say...don't get any ideas in your head Daddy P)

Well, we get out there & right off the bat we ran into trouble...

Not these guys, they were more like the audience...haha!
There was a HUGE tree down in the "road" (aka the winding dirt path), so Big O & Dad had to break out the muscles!

These friendly guys came over to cheer them on...Sneaky E was tore up seeing these beauties up close!

Well, then before we can get the gate unlocked...we've got to cross over the railroad tracks! I had totally forgotten about this & they turned out to be a perfect spot for me to jump out & get some pictures! (thus promting whining from the backseat..."come on, mom!!") ;)

Daddy took his big mower, Big O took his 4 wheeler, Miss O took her Littlest Pet Shop, Sneaky E took THREE pairs of shoes (he's into shoes right now), and I (was prepared) took my newly downloaded copy of the Twilight movie to watch in the shade on my iPhone! ;)

Sneaky E got bored changing his shoes & rode on the mower with dad for awhile, Big O blazed the trails, Miss O was spread out on the blanket playing...I wandered around with my camera to capture some of this amazing GREEN!

This property is entirely enclosed with trees & in the middle is a HUGE, flat field. If you've read the Twilight series, you can get inside my head here...this is the location I picture in my mind where the vampire stand-off takes place...the wolves go after Laurent, the Newborns attack, the Volturi confrontation, etc...(minus the blazing sun, of course)

Anyway...back to the lazy day...(I've lost you now, I ran & picked up Eclipse & you're reading like crazy)

It was a great family afternoon...

UNTIL I noticed seed ticks on my ankles & that was the end of it for me, I spent the rest of the afternoon up in the truck inspecting every freckle on my body (that looked like a bitty tick at a glance) & itching like crazy....UGHHHHH, I can't handle something crawling on me...totally freaks me out!!

Big Daddy wanted to take a little walk on the paths he had mowed down...I said, you can go right ahead! This was AFTER he got mad at me when I showed obvious disinterest in his suggestion that we CAMP IN TENTS on the ground (the very ground that just covered me with seed ticks too...UGH, no thank you!) the little biscuits went & the weiner dog & I took a nice snooze in the breezy shaded truck bed! (too bad no one snapped a picture of THAT...haha)

Naturally, Sneaky E decided that a life jacket was more appropriate attire for a walk (even though they weren't going down to the water), of course...he got hot & took it off after awhile...

and when they all got back...everyone was tired & happy & ready to head home FOR A BATH!! (and some Benadryl...look at these itchy little eyes)

It was a beautiful afternoon...I think a cabin out there might not be too bad after all...

Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday! :)

~ mandy

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Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I thought I was at Pioneer Woman at first with all those cows! Love your pictures! I would have freaked out at the seed ticks too! What a wonderful day!

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