Friday, April 24, 2009

It's SOAP BOX time!

You knew it was coming...

you KNEW you wouldn't be able to escape this beautiful spring weather without me jumping up on my soap box & preaching to all about the dangers of the SUN!

LAST SPRING, I had a bit of a run in with BCC...SKIN CANCER & you might remember me telling about that...(I'll let you read last year's earful instead of getting back into full Soap Box mode here). I ended up having several "spots" removed & sent off for a biopsy. I was very lucky and am MUCH, MUCH smarter about my skin & my family's skin now!

This year I'm doing ok, new freckles...that's normal...but now that I'm the SKIN POLICE, I'm right on top of it! In the past few months several people that I love have had things removed that were skin cancer related...I am so proud of them for stepping up and taking the bull by the horns! If you have any odd shaped/colored moles or small places/scabs that won't heal, I strongly suggest that you get them checked out...just in case.

Here's an updated list recommended products from the Skin Cancer Foundation, do check them out & protect yourself and the people that you love (please).

Ok, off the soap box now...

see now, that wasn't so bad! ;)

Happy FRIDAY!!

~ mandy

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