Monday, April 13, 2009

Hippity Hoppity!

What a glorious Easter Sunday it was!!

I've been super busy today getting some Mama Precious Camera Strap Covers ready & taking pictures of the ones I already had done...I have already listed a few new in my Etsy store & will have several more in there tomorrow. Don't forget, my April Special...FREE SHIPPING on all Camera Straps!

Look at my handsome new model...;)

Here are a few shots from yesterday...whew, what a fun day we had!!

I made another pathetic attempt to get a picture of all three's what I delt with...."it's TOOOO BRIGHT out here"....ugh!

and this was the best I got...I didn't even edit...there was NO WAY to touch up that hideous bruise on Miss O's head! I'll keep trucking....I am HOPEFUL, because suddenly Sneaky E is all about looking at the camera, breaking out in a huge smile & saying "CHEESE"!

He's a mess!

I did get a few shots of them hunting eggs at Aunt Tisha's...

Big O on his quest for the Golden Egg!

Miss O in our favorite Matilda Jane outfit...

Sneaky E in Whimsy Kids...

My nephew, Braden blowing bubbles...he's a BUSY fella...I have NEVER been able to catch him for a picture! Don't don't you worry, B...I'm NOT giving up! ;)

My niece, Drew...oh, she is GROWING so fast! Remember her last summer...she was just a bitty baby!

& with a lil chocolate bunny...oh, yeah! ;)

AND my other niece, Melanie (Drew's big sis) looking like a total rock star at the egg hunt! I do love this sweet gal! ;)

My hubby & his sweet mommy...(or "Bubba & Nana")...she's a frequent blog reader (she likes to get her dimple fix)...she helps me SO much, I swear I would lose my mind if it were not for her sometimes!!

And of course...had to share this oldest child (aka Daddy P)...gotta love him here! ;)

Ok, gotta shut down the computer...another round of storms is blowing through TN today & Sneaky E is (scared to death of storms) & is hanging off me like a wet rag (which I secretly love since my other two kids are ferociously brave)...looks like Big O's first ballgame is going to be rained out too...

keep safe, folks!!

~ mandy

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