Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's been a pretty happy week around here, but I'm really glad it's winding down.

Sneaky E had is 3rd birthday on Friday. This kid is obsessed over the Cars movie! He probably has 15 different assorted Lightning McQueen car toys in the house at this very second! He LOVES Mater (& the "Ghost Light") the best though & it is INCREDIBLY hard to find toys that feature him! Our sweet pal Tracee got him a plate/spoon set with Mater on them AND a Mater matchbox car (our FIRST ONE too)...E sleeps with that little Mater all the time, he LOVES!!

Since there was no Mater available, we got him a super FAB Lightning McQueen power wheels riding toy for his birthday...& OHHHHH, he LOVES it!! Is this thing not the coolest!!

We also had our annual Egg Hunt out here at the house yesterday! I didn't get a chance to count, but there were a TON of kids out here (& all over the inside/outside of my house) haha! It was a GLORIOUS sunny day...couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!!

Naturally, it was all so crazy that I didn't even get a decent shot of anything during the party or the hunt...just a bunch of running kids & the backsides of my girlfriends (who would choke me if I posted them)! I did make off with this one though, I believe I'll be ordering a large print of my guy here...

We're getting ready to enjoy another beautiful day. I think we're going to ride out to our property on the river & do some fishing. I fear that the hubby really wants to go out there to talk about the cabin he's wanting to build (oh, my nerves can't take that right now)...However, I wouldn't mind them doing some fishing so that I could stretch out & READ a little bit! haha!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!
~ mandy

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michelle said...

Oh I love that car! You take great photos by the way. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definitely be back :)

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