Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Already!?!?


I'm having blog withdrawl! ;)
Last week Big O was down (I mean DOWN, sleeping all day down) with the flu, Miss O had strep & mama was a fret trying to keep the germs at bay! Mercy, it wore me down!

Everyone is better & back in school...finally! The sickies are ruff!! ;)

Today is an exciting day!!
It's going to be the first of MANY warmer days...Spring is A-Comin'!!

Sneaky E & I got out yesterday for a bit & enjoyed some was so bright & absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Of course, E can't begin to play with out lining everybody up...ready to roll...(I'm starting to think he's OCD)! ;)

Then he headed over to the play fort for a mad game of "cars going down the slide"...he was full of belly laughs watching them go was lots of fun to watch him!

and he was having a blast...until he noticed that he had stuff on his socks from playing in crocs...(OCD again).

BUT, while cleaning off his sock he gleefully found a lost toy! (gotta love that)

It's supposed to be even warmer, I'm doing what every other self respecting southern girl is doing...heading out to get my toes done! ;)

You know, that's what March is all about here in the south! You say it's spring, get your toes done, wear sandals with pants & pretend that it's warm! (and pray you don't catch pneumonia)

Happy Thursday! :)


Lazy Mom Leslie said...

What a cutie! I love all the colors in the pictures. Glad to hear the germs are on their way out the door! That's never fun!

Kim Sue said...

glad that you guys are feeling much better and isn't it wonderful to start seeing the first signs of spring? I even washed my car yesterday!

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