Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring BREAK!

It's been a full week here & I'm still waiting for the BREAK part to kick in!

We've gotten a touch of spring here & it's supposed to be sunny again & a bit warmer, I'm hoping to get out & get some shots of the kids now that the grass is turning GREEN!!

But, I've YET to see the BREAK part! Whew!
Next week Daddy P is taking off & I seriously think we are going to RECLUSE & have some serious family time before ball season gets off the ground! (besides, we have to get ready for another birthday coming up too)...

Well, anyway...Sunday was Big O's birthday, he's on vacation at my aunt's house in the mountains for the weekend...we're a two kid household for the next couple of days, it feels really weird! I just wanted to share a couple of shots from being EXACTLY 11 years old...wanna try & guess what he got for his birthday?

Here's a clue...

NO,'s not a pig...(LOL)

It's more, know, as in "you better get that bedroom cleaned up, young man...or ELSE!"...haha!
This is him when dear ole dad drove it around back & surprised him while I was taking his birthday pictures (you know they ones you take of your kids when they're "exactly __ years old")...anyway, he's not allowed anywhere near it unless dad is riding (his dirt bike) & they are both wearing HELMETS!!

And here's a sweet shot of my boys on the day that Big O is exactly 11 years sweet! Sneaky E was giving me the POINT (when means, "quit messing with me") because I said "Look, Mater's on my camera" worked, he looked! Haha! :)

Hope everyone has a GLORIOUS first day of spring & a very happy spring weekend!!

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