Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SO Lucky!

Seriously, life is good!

I really don't know HOW I got to be so lucky!
I am so blessed...so, SO blessed!

In the past couple of years, I have gotten to be friends with this group of gals...we all live out in the same area, so we're neighbors & our kids all go to the same school...we drive each other's kids all over the place, tag team at birthday parties & play dates, get our toes done together, we SHOP together, go to lunch together (naming us "The Lunchbunch"), we party together, VACATION together...EVEN our HUBBIES have play dates together (which we think is hilarious)

We stick up for each other & literally WEAR OURSELVES OUT trying to take care of each other! I LOVE these girls, their hubbies AND their beautiful children! Nothing makes me happier than to have ALL of them & their families tearing through my house or out in the pool...when they are around, we always have a glorious time!

Now, being the good girlfriend that I am... I would NEVER share a less than flattering photo of my gals. So, here's one from our "annual cookie swap" at Carrie's house...lip gloss touched up & everything! ;) Aren't they gorgeous!?!

Well, anyway...I wanted to blog about them because last week they threw me a little (early) birthday party...I must have really been kissing the blarney stone this year...I have never had anyone be so sweet to me...THANK YOU, girls!

They made my FAVORITE, the tres PERFECT Rice Crispy Treats!! haha!

Pitched in together & bought me a FABULOUS new Vera Bradley "pack pack" so I can look all showy this spring at the ballpark!! ;)

And even let Sneaky E have a practice run blowing out some candles (since he's NEXT on the birthday list around here)...

Are they not the sweetest, EVER!?!?

I seriously don't know what I ever did to deserve such good pals, but I DO know that I appreciate them more than I could ever put into words!

Thank you, girls!!
I love you!

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