Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big O!

I can't believe my little baby is eleven years old already!
Where does the time go!?!

He went with us to see Brad Paisley in concert last night & I was so shocked & disappointed to see him come down the stairs wearing a familiar shirt & jacket (that both seemed SO HUGE when I bought them) that were BOTH a good INCH too short in the sleeves!!! SLOW down, Big O...I'm not ready for you to be a "young man" yet!!

But, yet he is...

I scanned some pics from his baby book (he's the only one of my three kids who have one...tisk). I just wanted to share a few shots of my beautiful first born baby boy with you...I'm emotional today...just humor me, please. ;)

On his very first beach in Charleston with Aunt Kim.

Easter...he was so precious in this suit!

(one of my faves & no, this is NOT Sneaky E...but they do look a lot alike, don't they!?!)

Classic O...the kid was NOT a good's a wonder we were able to produce siblings for him, as one of us was in the "big boy bed" with this rascal every night!! He would just GO until he passed out somewhere...mercy, that kid had so much energy!!

Love this one so much, it really captures who him so well...just a loving, hugging, tree climbing can of mischief!!

Hanging out with the little sister.

5Th Birthday in FL...

Playing Pee Wee Football in Kindergarten!! (still can't believe I let him do that)...& LOL @ Miss O being restrained in the background...bahaha!!

One last shot before we left Air Force life & moved back to TN!

Loving shots...I miss them loving on each other like this!

And of course, Big O...the Action Hero!
Sneaky E worships him!!

And now...just growing, growing & growing...

He's got a tough job being the oldest, believe me I know!
But, he does it so well and I am so proud of the young man he is growing up to be!

I love you, Big O!
Happy Birthday! :)

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