Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't Be a Chicken (Hat)!

Wow, it's the week before Spring Break here & something RARE & TOTALLY UNUSUAL has happened!

Miss O's teacher asked me to help with their spring program a couple of months ago & the next thing I know I had volunteered to make the COSTUMES (& was thinking the whole time, "shut up, Mandy"...)! LOL

They needed some chicken costumes....SO, with a little orange paint, a little felt, a little glue & a few google eyes....the Chicken Hats were born! I found this GREAT site called Save On Crafts where I bought feather boas at a reasonable price (the hats came from Oriental Trading)...they are 4 ft & connected like a necklace....the kids will be able to put them on as a double loop making them all PUFFY with white feathers around their necks...HILARIOUS!

Now, the RARE & UNUSUAL part is...the program is not until tomorrow night & I, ME, Mama Precious, QUEEN of the Last DONE!!! All the hats are done & got dropped off YESTERDAY!


Now, you wanna see HOW I got them done?!!? ;)

I love that last one... "yeah, yeah mom...I'm BUSY here!" ... ;)

I'll be sure to share so pictures of the kids IN the costumes...Miss O said they were trying them on during practice yesterday & everyone was giddy & laughing...I bet they will be adorable!! :)

1 comment:

Kim Sue said...

super cute chicken hats and we love those little chalk animals

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