Sunday, February 8, 2009


I just wanted to pop in here real quick & let everyone know that my DSL is down (no, not just's BEEN DOWN for nine days & we have spent TWO HOURS this week ON THE PHONE with techie morons...stinky AT&T...bah!)....I'll be back to regular blogging as soon as I am back online & off this sllllloooooooooowwwww (but much appreciative of) little laptop.

IN the mean time...I've been getting LOTS done with no DSL...;)

My new kitchen table arrived last week & THAT is a whole blog entry within itself, you are in for a "Table Story" very soon! :) AND, my walls are TALKING! These vinyl wall decorations are awesome, I can't wait to share!!
It snowed here last week (or was that the week before??)...I was able to snatch a few pictures from my facebook folder to share with's the view from my sewing room when it started...ah, nothing quite like a SILENT house, a hot cup off coffee & beautiful snow falling outside in the morning...(did I mention that all my kids slept till 8:30 that day...boy, I was loving life!!).

Of course, we didn't get much more than a dusting...but, was enough to get us out of school & that's all that mattered! ;)

and YES, those are Christmas lights still on our front has just been TOOOOO COLD (or the lights have been too wet) to get out there & get them down...they're still up TODAY even...good grief!

And, you know the kids were out in it as soon as they had breakfast in their little bellies...Big O out in the tree house (looking for more snow?), Miss O getting her snowballs organized for a fun snowball fight with our next door neighbor, AND Sneaky E....literally SECONDS before he threw that snowball RIGHT INTO my camera lens (I believe we may have a little MVP on our hands here)...haha!!

They are so funny!

I hope to be back online soon...I've been practicing & have lots of new pics to share! Happy Weekend! :)

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Kim Sue said...

we had big fun in our "little" snow here too!

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