Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Once Upon a Table...

Our fairy tale table is finally in place and looking right at home! I couldn't be happier with our purchase!!

Back last fall the hubby & I decided that we were going to have to face the fact that seating a "party of five" around our four chaired table just wasn't working out! We hunted & hunted locally and just could NOT find anything that we could agree on that could hold it's own against THE BEAST that we already had in our kitchen!

When my husband & I are forced to purchase something new for our home like this, we have two goals in mind....1) it has to be an interesting piece that people will talk about when they come over (aka, a conversation piece)...and 2) it has to be a piece that our children will FIGHT OVER after we are dead (terrible, I know...)! ;)

Well, one day I ran across Mr. David on Etsy!
He had tons & tons of fabulous tables in his portfolio....ALL handmade by him! When I found out that all of his tables are made from RECYCLED BARNS in upstate Rhode Island...I KNEW this was going to be a conversation piece that we would be talking about for MANY years to come!! THIS is the table from his collection that reeled me in...I was totally picturing a scene from The Waltons when I saw it! Absolutely Awesome!!

We emailed back & forth and discussed THE BEAST & colors & benches & legs, etc...Mr. David was SO easy to work with...SUPER PATIENT ;) He was VERY insistent that our purchase be EXACTLY what we wanted! I cannot recall EVER receiving such amazing & personalized customer service ANYwhere!

Well, he got to work & it wasn't long before the photos started arriving in my email box...we saw the process of putting the table together taking form, it was SO exciting!! For the finished product, we decided to go with a lighter bottom & a dark top to flow with our kitchen cabinets on the other side of the room. Poor Mr. David adjusted the top shade for me so many times...(even I was getting on my nerves)...but, he was SO patient & such a gentleman...I was much appreciative! ;)

His work turned out to be even BETTER than expected & the finished product looks AMAZING in our home! (and did I mention how patient this man is?!!?)

Thank you, Mr. David! We absolutely LOVE it!!


motherof3fellows said...

I LOVE the table! It looks great in the kitchen beside the beast! HA;) It won't be long and I'll be shopping for a table seating five.

Heather said...

I am also in love! I just poured over his website. Fabulous....

Heather said...

Oh, Mandy, I just love the table! Your pics of E are really great, girlie!
Ly, Heather

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