Saturday, February 14, 2009

Melt Your Heart!

Happy Heart Day!!

I hope this blog entry finds everyone having the SWEETEST day ever! It's gloriously beautiful here...SUNNY (but, cold). We're home...all five of us...just enjoying a lazy Saturday with family. Hubby's planning to smoke some ribs for dinner, baked potatoes & a salad...y'all come on out & join us! ;)

Last night was a scene that would just melt your heart!
Daddy P took Miss O to the Father Daughter Dance!!

Oh, they were just giddy...both of them!!

I bet you recognize THAT DRESS! ;) Now, that just worked out perfect! Miss O snagged a bargain AND looked like a little Cinderella...that's my thrifty gal! The GLOVES were entirely accidental...I was looking for a hair barrette that my pal Kristen made for us & we found them in the drawer (the gloves, not the hair goodness...:(....). They were just the perfect accessory to finish her look...Miss O was ready to go!

and, of course...Little Heart Breaker, Sneaky E wanted to go with them...OH, he cried & cried! He would NOT stay out of the pictures...he was totally wearing us out!!

Of course, Miss O had to show Dad some of her moves...she was ready to party!
(and I just wonder what Dad was thinking here...)haha!!

THIS has to be my MOST FAVORITE of all the pics from last of my facebook pals suggested that I get this put into a locket & give it to Miss O on her wedding day...I totally am!! It melts my heart every time I look at it!!

Hope Everyone has a great Valentine's Weekend!

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