Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's PARTY Time!

Or planning time, rather...

Big O & Sneaky E both have birthdays coming up & it's PARTY YEAR at our house! Last year I managed to avoid party planning...Big O had his birthday while we were vacationing in Disney...E had a little family party...but then Miss O managed to talk me into Libby Lu AND having friends over to swim (she's quite the negotiator, I must admit)...she's already planning a HULA or something for her June birthday this year, so watch out! ;)

I've been trying to decide about party themes, favors, invites, etc for my can totally get out of control! ;)

Big O will be ELEVEN...I cannot believe it! He just keeps getting so big, I totally have to look at him TWICE every time I see's like he walks in & I see that little boy I love so much & then he starts talking & have to look closer to see that THIS is a young man speaking to me...not that little tree climbing, five year old can of mischief that he used to be!

Well, after much negotiation (meaning, mama just decided her nerves couldn't handle ten 5th grade boys having a sleepover up above her bedroom)...we decided to have his party at the local indoor pool. We did this a couple of years ago when he turned 9 & it's really a great spot to have a party with older kids! You don't have to plan games & really the only hard part is getting the kids to GET OUT OF THE POOL to come eat cake!

I wanted to TRY & get away with a party scene like this cute one from Polka Dots & Pirates...but he was QUICK to tell me NO WAY!

We decided to go with THIS invite for his party & keep the decorations Aqua, Orange & funny stuff (he says). ;) I've ordered invites from Erin before...she does FABULOUS quality work & she is FAST! Do check out her awesome selection of invites & announcements on Etsy!

The most important part of the entire invite is going to be at the very bottom where Big O has asks that in lieu of birthday GIFTS, please bring a donation for the local Animal Rescue Shelter instead. He's got a big heart, that boy! I love him! ;)

I'm still on the fence about Sneaky E...he's turning three...(got a rhyme going there, heh?)...haha! I believe we are going to do a little party right here at home with his closest pals in attendance.

He's all about CARS...the movie, matchbox cars, cycles, bikes, anything with wheels. I adamantly despise character birthdays (clothing, bedding, etc)...I don't want to have a Lightning McQueen birthday party, so I am leaning toward CARS & Trucks in primary this fun fabric from Michael Miller:

Here are a couple of things I've run up on that have sparked some inspiration so far...

The RAINBOW cake....oooohhhhhhhhh!!

You can see the HOW TO tutorial right here. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! ;)

I also love this idea with the M&M's...

And LOOK at this cute idea! We did this when Big O turned five & it was quite a hit! The DUMP TRUCK cake! This picture shows a TAME version...the one I made had crushed oreos & cream cheese icing, it was DIRTY looking! ;)

So, what do you think?
Any ideas out there?
Please leave your thoughts & ideas in the COMMENT section, I would love to hear them! :)


Heather said...

11! Noooooo! When do they stop liking birthday themes???

I am loving the M&Ms party idea with the rainbow cake!

motherof3fellows said...

That rainbow cake looks YUMMY!) would be really cute for boys.

We did the dumptruck cake for Carson's 2nd birthday. I think it's my favorite cake, so far!

CWDkids said...

We love your ideas! The rainbow cakes looks delicious:)

Have a great weekend.

Ashley, with CWDkids

Anonymous said...

Ooh, you're a much better planner than me! I was lazy and send an evite out for Evan's 6th birthday party... (GASP! I know!). BUT I'm making tees for the goody bags. :) We're going to do bumper bowling.

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