Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cute Stuff!

Every now & then I like to just enjoy a hot cup of coffee & see what kind of CUTE Goodness is out there! Here's what I found this weekend:

From Allyson Hill...a sassy CAR litter bag...I have one of these in a different print, going on two years's AWESOME!
My old pal, Tanya of Bugnbell...her goodies are FLAWLESS & priced so REASONABLE! I love to the simple styles she uses...true "classic little girl". :) Check out this new one she has listed (and her etsy shop too)!

Now, I KNEW that Anna Maria Horner's fabirc was the BOMB...but, I had NO idea that it was this amazing!! I LOVE this fabulous hostess apron by Skygirlstyle!

Excuse me while I go get a TISSUE from CRYING over wanting this...OMGosh, UGH!!! LEAP, by Roz...If I could afford it, mercy I know exactly where I would put it!! (hey, I do have a birthday coming up...) ;)

Now, really...could these be any cuter!?!
I've loved Reillybell for ages! I hope she gets a wiener dog stamp one day! ;)

Yeah, yeah...I know...but how could I not share these!?! ;)
Would I wear them? Probably not...but you know I love my Kenny!
And this Queenbee gal had tons of other fun stuff in her shop!

Meet Dalton the Doxie...Evan has one of these in his closet right now, all ready for spring to get here (hurry up, will ya!!)...the OliveandOllie shop is FULL of goodness, be warned!! ;)

Now, here's a gal that I just LOVE...Tiny Sprouts! I have bought several baby gifts from her & they are always the RAVE! You want to have the best gift at the shower, you can't go wrong here! You get right over to the Sprout Shop & see for yourself!! I am ordering one of these for my little guy while he's still's going fast!! :(

You know I LOVE Becky's bibs...they are THE BEST ever...I have THREE kids, I KNOW bibs here people! Becky's bibs cannot be beat! And, mercy...I am a sucker for this goldfish print, every time!! ;)

My pal, Myrinda ADORES the Right Bank Baby Co & I found these on sale on their site...they are REVERSIBLE, so you are really getting TWO outfits in one! Aren't they awesome!!? By the way, Lady M is closing her boutique shop to focus on Fabric check out the STORE CLOSING SALE at Sweet Girl Boutique...she has toys, jewelry & clothing priced to move...GREAT way to fill up that Easter basket!

I'm dying over this! I want JUST the pink one & two baby blue ones for my sweet plate rack in the kitchen...they are PRECIOUS!!

And FINALLY, here's a new shop for me...I can't wait to try them out!
My pal, Jessica works with them part time & she raves about their cuteness! ;)
The Sweet Funky Vintage Boutique...I wonder if they would come all the way out to my house to do a trunk show...what fun that would be (and they have mom skirt too, oh!!)! Check out these cuties!!

Hope I didn't get you in too much trouble...;)
Happy Shopping!



Heather said...

Just had to make a purchase there... that's a lot. :p

Heather said...

Ok, should have said THANKS a lot. Sheesh.

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Yeah, I bet you got ya some of those Kenny earrings...;)

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