Friday, February 13, 2009

BACK in Action!


Whew, what a funky couple of weeks it's been!
It is so irritating to get off schedule...& last week we were opening one can of worms right after another!!

First it was the DSL (I'll spare you my tirade over that, I'm back online...moving on), then it was the Girl Scout Cookie order (still unresolved, hiss), then of course there was Valentine's hoopla (three kids, three parties, one headache), AND this lovely filling that I have is bothering me (looks like I'll be wearing a new crown next week)....*sigh*...

I'm really glad the kids have a three day weekend coming up, we totally need some down time around here!

In addition to being off schedule, I lost a dear teacher friend this week too. Yes, I used to be a teacher...1st grade...way back when I had no kids & lots of patience. I doubt I could do it now, it would be like being thrown to a pack of wolves! But, one dear lady that I taught with passed away on Monday after losing a short battle with cancer. She was a wonderful teacher, mother, grandmother, a friend, and an inspiring christian...she was full of spunk & always went out of her way to help others. I was a better teacher and a better person having known her. I will miss you, Wanda!

Well, I'm going to stop with my rambling here...I can hear E jumping in his crib, ready to take on the day! I have tons of things to share...decorating projects, valentine love, the father/daughter dance, AND...AND...AND...I've been SWORN TO SECRECY...I cannot say what or where, but I am going somewhere on MONDAY & I am SOOOOOOO excited (woooooot), so please stop back in over the next few days & see what we've been up to! ;)

Oh & I have some boys goodies listed on ebay...all with Buy It Now check them out...*precious

Happy Heart Weekend, everybody! :)

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motherof3fellows said...

Thanks for the great comments! I was hoping to see your new table!!! Evan is a dollface. Oh, and where in the world are you going????? Have a great weekend.

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