Sunday, January 25, 2009

So tell me...

How are those New Year's Resolutions working out for you?
Sticking to them?...
Tossed them out the window the first week?...

I'm standing firm on our EATING BETTER resolution!
And really, I haven't changed things all that much...just buying smarter...working those fruits & veggies into our diets....the kids acted like I was forcing them to eat TREE BARK at first, but now it's everyday life to them (whew, I'm so glad)!

I'm also trying HARD to kick my Diet Pepsi habit! I've been reading some good motivational books & I love reading Chelsea's blog...she is really motivated to GET FIT & Healthy right now & I really enjoy reading her BUTT KICKING entries! ;) I read one last week that REALLY hit home with on down where the cutie is drinking a bottled water.

You done reading yet? Got water in your hand yet? ;) I'm right there with her spending a good YEAR of my life drinking nothing but Diet Coke...I am seriously terrified of what I have done to myself! I feel so stupid for not being MORE careful about my health!

Well, all I CAN do now is work extra hard to take care of it myself and help teach my kids not to make bad choices OR take their good health for granted!

Another resolution that I made last year & plan to continue on with this year is simply so that there is more time for the people who are important to me...and that means ORGANIZING my home a little bit better!

I've been taking time every day to clean out a drawer or a cabinet...really, just 15-20 minutes at a time is NOT a big deal at all! I read this WONDERFUL blog called Today's Creative Blog. Kim is fabulous & always shares the neatest things...her entries get me excited & motivated to be creative around my house...I love it! She recently featured a wonderful new blog...The Pretty Neat Company on her site...OH, MERCY...I am HOOKED! Kiersten's design & organizational entries got me SO FIRED UP...I was up until nearly 1 am this past Friday night tearing my little home office apart!! My cabinet turned out so pretty, I didn't even want to shut the doors!

Having a more organized home hopefully means calmer children (I hope)...that's my goal! Once I get everything the way I want it, I'll share some pics (I promise).

Anyway, I bet your wondering why I'm sharing these old pics of the O's...(as if their cuteness was not enough reason to share...LOL). These are from their very first trip to see the Ringling Bros & Barnum, Bailey Circus...little E was still in the womb. ;) These are some of my most favorite pics...I have them in frames upstairs & my hubby even has them on the walls in his office...

I thought I would share them before I blogged about our trip the the Circus this weekend...lots of fun, that's for sure!

Be back to share those new pics this week.
We're about to crank out some homework in the kitchen (blech) & I'm SO looking forward to a nice bubble bath after the kids are in bed tonight...Ahhhhhh!
Wishing you a delightful (and homework free) afternoon!
Happy Sunday! :)

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Jenn said...

Sounds like you are right on track with your resolutions. Since I didn't make any I guess I am doing pretty good too LOL!

Your kids are such how you dig up older pics to share of them :) I need to do that more often!

take a bow Jenn

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