Friday, January 23, 2009

Silly Boy...

Golly, has it been a week already!?!
I've been down with this snotty cold all week long...FINALLY feeling like myself again this morning! Whew! There's nothing like being sickly to make you TRULY appreciate good health!!!

I've really not accomplished anything around here this week & that's frustrating!
I DID start spring shopping though (yes, it's unavoidable...they all GREW)...I went ahead & got Miss O a new swimsuit, goggles & a FABULOUSLY Fun new swim cap to use when swim league starts up month (not to mention a FREE beach bucket with my order)...they have a great little PRE-SEASON sale going on at Garnet Hill right now (and I can't resist visiting their site DAILY to see what the "Sale of the Day" is...I've found WAY too many deals this way, LOL)

Anyhow...I've found a spot INSIDE to take some nice natural light are a few of my Silly Boy, Big O. I THINK he has a girlfriend...I'll keep you posted on that one. ;)

Oh & get your bidding fingers ready for the LAST HOORAH!

With the new law that has been passed by ( Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act ) concerning CHILDRENS Clothing & Toys...this could be the end of THOUSANDS of work at home mom businesses.

Get ready for an all out "One last Hurrah" eBay & Etsy Launch. Mark your calendars and start saving your money now, you won't want to miss this last blast of Handmade Boutique!!
Starts January 27!!!
You can find out more about about the launch & the law: here, here, here & here...

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