Monday, January 19, 2009

No Ski for Me...

Well, we're home from our first family ski vacation.

I've heard that there is no scientific evidence linking cold weather with colds, but EVERY time I am happy & healthy and get outside in cold temperatures...within 24 hours I am down with a FUNKY bug!! Alas...I'm sitting here wiping my snotty nose, watching the clock so that I can chug a big dose of NyQuil & go to bed...I have time for some quick rambling, so I'll go ahead & share with you a bit about our little weekend getaway. ;)

Our adventure started LATE on Friday evening after dear ole dad finally got away from the office...we got on the road & decided to grab a quick bite at the little Burger King on the way. I knew we were in for one of our TYPICAL family getaways when my sweet (but starving) hubby pulled away from the window WITHOUT paying for the food!! LUCKILY, he stopped to double check the order and the lil window guy caught up with us...I laughed for miles over that one...crazy stuff like that ALWAYS happens to us! I think some of the nutty things we've gotten ourselves into over the years would make even Clark W Griswold look normal!!

Anyway....we got in LATE Friday night and checked into the MARVELOUS Lodge at Buckberry Creek....OOOOOHHHHH, SO Nice!! We called ahead to let them know what time we would arrive & they had the GAS LOGS going for us in the room when we got was SO cozy & warm!! Here's the (side) view from our deck on Saturday morning, they kids thought this was way cool:

& Big O on the porch

After a hearty breakfast, we rode the big tram up to Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort for a day of family skiing. The weather was PERFECT...sunny, crispy cold with a chance of snow later in the day. However, I think we picked a bad weekend to try it out because it was SUPER crowded up there...tons & tons of people, whew!

Unfortunately, I was a little bit disappointed in the ski was a little run down & there was not a lot to do for children under the age of 5 (but yet they seemed to be EVERYWHERE...wailing & crying in their bundled up strollers & on their little leashes...ugh, tore my nerves up)! There's something about screaming toddlers...when one starts, they all seem to fall apart!!

They had the new SNOW TUBING park open...which was WAY cool (despite the price)! I stood off to the side with E (who was too young to ride) watching my hubby & the O's ride up the slope thinking about all the groceries I could have bought with that $75 they just spent to tube down this hill ONE TIME! Is that not INSANE!! I did get some pictures, but they are on my little camera. E, Miss O & I ended up heading back to the room to enjoy the hot tub & take a nap (no complaints there). ;) Big O & dad rode the slopes until long after dark.

We ended up coming on home a day early. I felt like I was coming down with something (and here I sit 24 hrs later with textbook symptoms of the common cold) & dear hubby had some emergency business to deal with...

We ended up out in the yard for a bit after lunch yesterday & silly E simply WILL NOT take those ski goggles OFF! (and I got a new lens for my is a NEW challenge taking pictures with a WAY low aperture...all of these pics are out of focus, Ack!...I've got LOTS of practicing to do!!)

It was really nice to get out of town for the weekend, even if it was a bit on the crazy side...(but, that's nothing new for us)! ;)

I've got to get these kids in the's time for my NYQUIL!


Kim Sue said...

what kind of lens did you get...I love how he is so bright and everything around him is blurred out.

Little*Precious Boutique said...

It's a 50mm, f/1.4...& I had it set WAY too low for me this weekend! I'm excited about the challenge though! ;)

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