Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little Bit Busy...

Last week was our first full week back in school after the holiday break, the O's were out the door grumbling like a couple of grizzly bears every morning! I can't say I blame them...the weather here was nearly as brutal as the homework they had last week...come Friday, the poor kids were exhausted (and due a little treat for sure)!

Little E was home with me all week (as in mommy was putting out one fire, only to find the he had lit three more in the next room....AH)! Mother's Day Out didn't start back until yesterday (and I of course dropped him off & ran like a mad woman to the nearest TJ Maxx for some child-free shop therapy). I know that sounds horrible, but you KNOW what he's capable of!!

It's been a little bit busy here for sure!
I've been cleaning out...drawers, closets, etc...I'm on a major quest to get some organization going here, the clutter is causing my anxiety to come back!!

After our first week back in school...we decided we needed a little treat! My dear hubby planned up a weekend with our pals from Arkansas, Sharae & Charlie! They came in on Friday & surprised our kids when they got home from school. The big boys went to (and froze to death) at the Titans game on Saturday. Sharae & I shopped a bit Saturday morning and got a good little visit in...even the kids were on great behavior & played hard ALL weekend long! We had a great time!

In the mean time (see, I told you it's been busy)...I finally got the GREEN LIGHT to get my downstairs decorated!

I'm sure my husband is (silently) furious that I (eh, sorta) tricked him into it...LOL...but he really WANTED that new dirt bike earlier this month...it's only fair for him to have whatever his heart desires. I figured since he didn't mind dropping a few dimes on that...he wouldn't mind dropping a few more on a new rug, new chairs, new kitchen table, & some new window treatments....right? I'll share details later. ;)

Ok, so enough rambling...time for some pics!
I bet you thought I had forgotten about sharing E on his "NEW CYCLE"!

Oh, the little buggar was SO excited!

Miss O also got a "cycle"...hers is a purple, magenta & black Hanna Montana bike...she LOVED (now we just gotta get her to learn how to ride...Oh, my word...she has bike phobia).

& I LOVE this...new Tote&Tee "E" jacket (this is Amy's personalized hoodie, our SECOND one like this...LOVE it), new binoculars, new guitar AND new snow boots...heading straight to the new bike...he's too funny!

OK, so now we're trying to decide where to go on Spring Break (mid-March)...I really would like to do Disney again, but I think we are going to wait & do that trip in October instead. We don't want to fly, so it would have to be close to middle TN (not really wanting to drive more than 4-5 hrs away). Any suggestions on a family friendly trip in the southeast...the kids are really into theme parks right now....we were considering Six Flags in Atlanta, but not for sure yet....know of any good ones around here?


Kerry Reed said...

We love Holiday World (but you really need to go when the water park is open). Also Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH (Indoor waterpark) & next to Kings Island.

Kim Sue said...

we had a really fun time in St. Louis. It has a 6 Flags although we didn't even do that. Great zoo (which is free), Science Museum, City Museum (super cool downtown building turned into an indoor play place constructed out of all recycled materials), Cardinals might be playing?

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