Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Holy cow!
What a week!

I have tons of pics to share from our crazy week, but I wanted to first share
Miss O's BIG NEWS!

She & I got out for a little afternoon of shopping the other day & found ourselves in Claire's looking at their crazy accessories. I noticed that they did ear piercing & casually said, "now, that would be a fun way to start off the New Year" (as it was New Year's Day)...

Now, this is BIG news because Miss O is notorious for her LOW threshold for PAIN...she is THE biggest Wuss! I've tried to get her ears done before & she has screamed & carried on like I was waving a running chainsaw in front of her face! Now, I just casually menion it just to tease her & I NEVER, EVER expected her to stop...look me square in the eye & say..."you're right, it would!"

The next thing I know, she's up in the chair picking out her stud...I was torn in half...wanting her to do it, but wanting her to wait because I didn't have my CAMERA with me!! Ugh!!!

Well, I did get some pictures...but until the day comes that I can figure out how to get them OFF my Iphone & in here...we'll have to settle for these....

Miss O (aka...Miss Little Trifty) found this CRAZY dress at the Maxx last week...on the clearance rack for pennies! I really don't know exactly WHAT she was thinking about wearing it for, but when I saw it the first thing I thought was FUN PHOTO SHOOT!! ;)

SO, we took advantage of another "Spring Teaser" kind of day & did a fun little photo shoot in the yard to celebrate her new found COURAGE (as I STILL cannot believe she went through with it & DID NOT even CRY)!!

Sigh....My Little Precious is growing up! :(

I do have some New Year's shots to share...probably's UNDECORATING time here at our house!
Ciao, O'Christmas Tree! ;)


Karen said...

what a glamour girl! and look at her big blue eyes. :)

melbytoast said...

So the new look! :-D


Kim Sue said...

cutie pie! loved catching up on all your christmas fun....our christmas tree is coming down today. I took care of everything else before we went out of town for new year's but didn't get to the tree. So we get back in town yesterday and there it sits mocking me.

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