Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolutions & Blah, Blah, Blah...

Yeah, yeah...you knew you couldn't get through this first full week of 2009 without me popping in here with one of those lame blog entries about New Year's Resolutions...
This one is pretty serious...so just humor me here, ok! ;)

Last year I wrote down all my goals for 2008 and when I pulled out my little journal recently, I was SURPRISED & proud of myself when I realized that I really had ACTUALLY accomplished some of them!

I kept my goals very realistic last year too...none of this far fetched stuff like shedding 20 pounds or climbing some dumb mountain. My goals were simple & have made me a happier person & a better mommy...I promised myself to...start spending more quality time with my family & friends, hugging my kids more & telling them I love them & am proud of them, take better pictures, documenting our life (ended up in blog form, but I DID do it), stop sewing custom items for strangers & sewing more for my own family & friends, AND participate in a marathon (ok, so I walked those five miles, but hey, I DID do it)!

HOWEVER, there were a couple of resolutions that I totally blew off...

One was SCRAPBOOKING, I used to love this hobby & started some really nice albums when we lived in Arkansas (ahem, when I only had two kids)...last year I VOWED to get caught up on it...but, somehow it has turned into a task that I dread about as much as a root canal or doing the laundry! I mean, it used to be a simple thing with a few stickers & some pretty colored pens... & now, it's overwhelming...all those buttons, beads, bottle caps & whatnot...COME on...WHO has that kind of time (or money)!?!

The other thing I totally failed MISERABLY at was FEEDING MY FAMILY more healthy. I got off on the right foot last year and we were even getting more exercise...but, by the middle of February we were back into our old (bad) eating habits....Bad Mommy...Bad, Bad, Bad! :(

This year, I only have ONE New Year's Resolution
(and, I so PITY THE FOOL who tries to get in my way of sticking to it)...

The FOOD in my house is now my top priority!
With Big O heading straight into his prime growing years and Miss O holding on tight to that bit of "baby fat" (and sneaky E, obtaining the ability to sniff out candy or a sucker like a bloodhound)...it is CRUCIAL that I instill some smart eating habits in these children that will help them grow into health conscious adults AND maybe even SAVE their lives!

To help me out, I bought (and just finished) this INCREDIBLE book:

After reading this COLD HARD TRUTH...I am so very sick & ashamed of the poor eating habits that my family has!

Eat This, Not That! for Kids will give you the 411 on all the popular food that America is giving to children...from food served at your favorite restaurants to the school cafeteria & even what's on the shelf at your local grocery store! My husband & I were shocked to find with every page that turned...the items we were ordering for our kids off the children's menu were PACKED with a days worth of calories and often 3 days worth of sodium!

The fact that yanked me up by the back of the neck was this...SNACK FOOD that WE ate back in the 80's is NOT the SAME snack food that we are feeding our children today (even if it IS in the same package & under the same old name)!! So, we can feed our kids food that WE ate...but it is going to make them FAT & unhealthy because the ingredients are NOT the same as they were 20 years ago!

(and did you know that Baskin Robbins serves the WORST drink on the PLANET...The Heath Shake has 2,310 in a large serving!??! Even if you get the MEDIUM you are getting 1,420 calories...67 grams of fat & 162 grams of SUGAR)

This book has me clearing out my pantry & CHANGING the way I am going to feed my family! (I am also buying the other versions of this book...Eat This, Not That! & Eat This, Not That! Supermarkets.)

So, this year my New Year's Resolution is to promise to take better care of what's on the inside...of myself and my family...

I know now that just because you're the skinny kid, it doesn't mean that you're the healthy one...and that buying & feeding my children foods that WILL lead (not could, it's a FACT HERE...it WILL lead) to Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease), or Diabetes (Blindness, Heart Attack, Stroke, Amputation) is something that I just can't live with. I want them to live a long, healthy life and I want them to look at their eating habits as an adult & say "I am SO glad my mother helped me make smart choices"!

I challenge you to read this book.
Go on & read it and let's see if you feel the same way about what's in your pantry & what's on your child's or grandchild's plate.
I know now that I never will...ever again!


Kim Sue said...

going to order it on Amazon right now because even though my child eats 10 times healthier than I do.....she eats mac & cheese out of the blue box right there on the front cover.

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Kim, just the section about restaurant food alone BLEW my mind! It's a very good book!

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