Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blabber Walls...

I think that's what I'm getting ready to have!

Blabber Walls...words, words, words everywhere you turn!

I've been organizing recently & finally bit into the OVERWHELMING project of decorating my downstairs. We moved into this house two years ago in March...I think it's about time to do a little decorating & turn it into a home! It's overwhelming to me because the spaces are roomy & the walls are high...plus, the fact that I'm a MAJOR cheap-o does not help at all...when you mix that up with a mess making toddler...it's a recipe for procrastination for sure!!

I finally decided on my colors based around this fabulous Pottery Barn RUG I bought last spring...

The blues & chocolates really tone down that wild terra cotta paint we picked out (it's called Burnt Copper by Porter Paints, BTW). I ordered several new things from Ballard's AND thanks so much to Kiersten, I'm getting some NEW curtains whipped up for my kitchen soon!!

Ok, so anyway...after looking at those fantastic decorating pictures on Kiersten's site, I decided to buy a couple of those vinyl wall lettering things to "pretty up" my downstairs...they are a really CHEAP way to decorate a LARGE space...
But two turned into three & then all the sudden THREE turned into a BUNCH (whoops)!

I bought a few from the wonderful site called Uppercase Living...which was really COOL because I didn't have to host a party or deal with a rep & I STILL earned "hostess benefits"...I ended up getting THREE free vinyl quotes!

The others I bought were on Etsy...

This one for Big O's room (in red, his walls are denim blue)...I just could not resist it!! ;)

and I got this one for my foyer (in black)...I have a dead space that really needed something...it's classy & neat...and if I get tired of it I can just peel it off & I'm only out $17...she had SEVERAL great ones like it too!

I also got this HUGE framed cork bulletin board at the Maxx recently & had this seller do my kid's names custom (like in the pic below) to put on it to keep papers & school things sorted out under each name (I'll share a pic when I get it put together).

You're just shaking your head at me, aren't you!


I told you I got carried away!!

Maybe not...I can't wait to get them up & everything in place! Picking it out seems to be the easy part so far! Hopefully, you won't feel like my rooms need to be SHHHHHH'ed...;)
I did see a few more on Etsy that were just adorable!

These would be SO cute in a playroom...

I love this one, the font is so pretty!

If this were in a different font, I would be all over it!

You can find tons more on Etsy and on Ebay too!
Whoops, I hear the UPS guy pulling up...I had better get to work!
Be back to share more soon!
~ Mandy


motherof3fellows said...

I got mine up, they are so fun!! I love the laundry room one

Jenn said...

I'm laughing because I am totally addicted to those too!! I have 3 up in my house already ;) Can't wait to see the pics of yours up on the walls!!

take a bow Jenn

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