Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Rock Star...

About a year ago I started using this INCREDIBLE new mascara!!
It's called Blinc Kiss Me mascara...I absolutely LOVE it! does E!

While the O's were doing homework, he snuck off to the bathroom & raided my make-up drawer (not his first offense, I might add).
Oh, the tricky little monkey...
It was funny, but...just a little too Alice Cooper for me, LOL!

Miss O loved it & said he was dressed up as the Jonas Brothers (see, there's some proof that those little boys wear a tad too much make-up sometimes)! LOL

(but they ARE cute & always seem to act like gentlemen, so I forgive them) ;)

Whew...the weekend is coming at me fast...MUCH to do to get ready for the hubby's office Christmas party here... & I STILL don't know how I got talked into that!!
Ok, so...
Back to my TO DO LIST. ;)
Happy Wednesday!


Kim Sue said...

love the christmas picture on your header! and glad he didn't put his eye out with the mascara wand!

Jenn said...

So sweet...what a little trouble maker huh ;) That's what I have to look forward too!

Oh...and a couple other things. LOVE your pumpkin walls...those look amazing! And E's outfit?? MUST have that for Sam...WHERE??? Loving those plaid pants!!!

take a bow Jenn

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