Friday, December 5, 2008

Business Under the Table...

I have never seen a week fly by so quickly!
It seems like everytime I have a personal deadline to meet there is an imaginary GIANT hourglass on the table just like the one in the Witch's Castle & the sand is POURING out super fast!!

Sometimes I wish I could just be like E...hide out & do all my business under the table. ;)

He snuck off with the little bowl of precut fruit that I bought at the grocery...wasn't about to share it with the O's...he chose to share it with his beloved "cycle" instead! ;)

We're gearing up for super crazy weekend...Breakfast with Santa...Float Decorating & Riding in the local Christmas parade on Sunday...Whew!!

and are you aware that you only have 19 MORE DAYS to buy your gifts!?!?
I'm almost done, but (alas the hourglass) haven't wrapped the FIRST ONE!!! Ugh!!

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