Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakfast With Santa

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Whew, what a weekend (and there's still a whole day left)!

Yesterday was Breakfast With Santa at our church & the rest of the day revolved around Christmas shopping & putting together some furniture for my hubby's little "man pad" (ok, that's a gag link, should be this instead). He's been hot & heavy wanting to get it fixed up before his office Christmas party here at the house next weekend.

I surprised him by finding a STEAL of a deal on Craigslist. My friend Jenn is a Craigslist HOUND...she has found tons & tons of great deals over there! Her recent find sent me searching for "man pad" furniture immediately! I was tickled to deal to score...a Pottery Barn Sofa/ PERFECT condition! And the best part was that their house was only SEVEN miles from the hubby's office & he picked up after work on Friday!

So, now...he is putting together the table/chairs that he picked up from Big Lots yesterday...the room is actually looking really cozy (which is more than I can say for this horrid trash mess that surrounds me in my craft room right now...Ugh, Ugh!)...

Anyway, Breakfast With Santa was a lot of fun...breakfast nibbles, crafts, Letter writing stations, & fun games...

Miss O got in line RIGHT AWAY to talk to the Big Guy...did I mention that this child was sitting at the counter dressed (tights, shoes, everything) when I stumbled into the kitchen to make the coffee at 7:30 yesterday morning...she was on a mission & she meant business! ;)

However, the BOYS were not so anxious to talk to Santa...they had snuck off to the bouncer in the little chapel...having a BIG time!

and Miss O promptly joined them...;)

Before we left, we managed to get E up on Santa's knee for a second...he didn't cry, but he wasn't too keen on it.

I tried to get Big O to talk to the man in RED about his list, but he kept his distance & his mouth shut...I spent the rest of the day down in the dumps having realized that THIS must be the year that I've been dreading having to face...I'm just still SO not ready for him to start growing up & leaving childhood behind yet! Maybe he was just cranky & not in the mood...(let's hope)...I'll keep you posted on that one!

Happy Weekend!

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