Friday, December 19, 2008

Beauty School Drop-Out...

The kids had their Christmas parties at school this morning...WHEW!
I flipped a gazillion red & green pancakes in first grade & then ran down to fifth grade to party with them...THANK GOODNESS for Nana! Had I brought E with me, I would FOR SURE have lost my mind!

So, here we are HOME for Christmas Break...the weather is GLORIOUS & the kids are playing outside while Sneaky E steals a few winks upstairs!
Only five shopping days can FEEL the craziness in the air out in town...folks are STRESSING!!

and Speaking of Holiday CRAZINESS....back to that horrible HAIR story!

Miss O was a Beauty School Drop-Out, Christmas 2006!

Here we were...CHRISTMAS EVE DAY...doing our traditional baking & decorating cookies to leave out for Santa that night. Miss O & I had a disagreement...who knows what it was about, probably over the cookies she had snuck & ate...LOL! She threw the biggest fit over whatever it was...certainly a classic scene for a sleep deprived, sugar induced pre-schooler like herself.

I was SO proud, I did not lose it...I did NOT spank her...I simply I sent her to her room to take a time out & think over her undesired behavior! A TANTRUM, on Christmas Eve day...tisk...doesn't she KNOW Santa is watching!?!?

Five minutes later, I was still patting myself on the back & mentally thinking of a good title for the parenting book that obviously thought I should write...when I heard her coming up the hall...with SIX INCHES of blond hair in her little hand!

It was 12:23 pm on Christmas Eve day & EVERY beautician in town had closed up shop for the holidays...I sat down at the kitchen table and BAWLED like a baby!!!
Luckily, our sweet friend Mary (a former beautician) was out & had her scissors with her...she came over and saved the day! Thank you, Mary...we love you!! :)

The next thing I know...the little gal looked just like a Campbell's Soup Kid & I loved absolutely it! She was QUITE the talk that year...everyone was surprised, but loving her fun new do!

Ah...I'm so loving these Christmas memories!
Yesterday while E was playing with the Little People Nativity set...(aka "Beebe Beezus" as he says), I was thinking about the year that Big O was retelling the Christmas Story with that glass nativity set we had...LOL...oh, poor MARY!!

I'll see if I can find some pictures of that one to share...
To Be Continued (again). ;)

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