Sunday, November 2, 2008

Help Save a 15 Year Old Girl!

When Miss O was about two years old I began sewing & selling clothing on eBay custom boutiques. I have always been crafty & creative...when I started sewing for her (and money was tight), I decided to find a way for my little hobby to pay for itself. I would buy enough fabric to make something for her & one more, take pictures of her in it & offer to make it for someone else's child via auction...the money I made from the auction covered the expenses of making her outfit & a profit (to buy more fabric, etc).

She was my "little precious", thus "Little*Precious Boutique" was born! It went from a little hobby to a full blown insanity! I began offering not just ONE outfit, but several and often had to turn people away because I was up to my eyeballs in sewing orders!! It was absolutely CRAZY & SO much fun!!

Along the way, I met some other women who were just like me...staying home, trying to make a little extra money for their children to have nicer things...letting their creative side unleash....we became friends on a community message board and all of the sudden nearly FIVE YEARS LATER they are some of the best friends I have ever had (and some of us have NEVER even met in person).

We've been traveling down this path & some of us have slowed down and quite a few have PLUNGED forward...since I'm in the "slowed down" phase in my life (while my kids are small), I have had the GREATEST time CHEERING for these girls who have turned their "little hobby" into something AMAZING! They are so inspiring & I am SOOOOO proud of my girls! These fine ladies are ALL over the United States! I have even had the HONOR of meeting a few of them in person and have NO doubts that I will meet more over the next few years!

One of these girls has made such an impression on me...she is the nicest, kindest, most selfless person...her name is Lisa Carroccio. Lisa is THE Domestic Diva and the owner of a new boys clothing line set to launch in stores this February; Downtown Joey! I am SO proud of her and cannot WAIT to buy up a bunch of Joey goods for my Mister Man!

Lisa is MOST amazing!!
She gives 100% as a hostess, as a designer, as a friend, but most of all AS A MOM!

I'm blogging today in hopes that someone will read this and be able to help Lisa's beautiful daughter, Marielle. She is 15 years old and needs a kidney transplant....SOON! Please visit Lisa's blog and read more about Marielle's situation & please pass this info along! Recently, Lisa was interviewed on CNBC's Donny Deutsch - The Big Idea can "meet" her and sweet Marielle by watching it HERE.

Please help save Lisa's Sunshine Girl!!

Thank you so much for reading all the way down here...God Bless!

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